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"Landmark and Historic Sites: City of St. George"

compiled by the St. George Community Development Department   (1st edition, July 2, 2009)

This document was compiled by Tiana Larsen and the Community Development Department of the City of St. George.

Paperback, 184 Pages, 8 1/2" x 11" x 1/2"

First Edition,   July 2, 2009


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Front cover of Landmark and Historic Sites


City Landmark Sites & Other Historic Sites
Table of Contents

1-1   Introduction
2-1   The National Register of Historic Places
3-1   Map

City Landmark Sites
4-1   Anthony Ivins Home
5-1   A. P. Hardy House
6-1   Arthur Miles Home
7-1   Aunt Addies Home
8-1   Bleak House
9-1   Dr. Pike Home
10-1   Erastus Goddard Whitehead Home (Penny Farthington Inn)
11-1   Gardner's Club Hall
12-1   George Brooks Home
13-1   George Whitehead Home
14-1   Grundy Home
15-1   Heinrich Gubler Home
16-1   Hortio Pickett Home
17-1   Israel Ivins Home
18-1   James Andrus Home
19-1   John Mathis Home
20-1   Judd's Store
21-1   Miner Prisbey (Bruhn) Home
22-1   Moses Andrus Home
23-1   Opera House / Social Hall
24-1   Painted Lady (Gates-McQuarrie House)
25-1   Richard A. Morris Home
26-1   Samuel Miles Home
27-1   Wolley-Foster Home (Seven Wives Inn)
28-1   Wulfenstein Home

Other Historic Sites
29-1   Alexander Y. Milne House
30-1   Benjamin Frederick Blake House
31-1   Benjamin F. Pendleton Home
32-1   Bentley House
33-1   Brigham Young Home & Office
34-1   Burgess House
35-1   Dixie College Main Building
36-1   Frederick Blake House
37-1   Floyd C. Stevens Home (Thompson Mansion)
38-1   Gardner House
39-1   George W. Worthen Home
40-1   Hyden W. Church Home
41-1   Jesse W. Crosby Home
42-1   Judd House
43-1   Julia Graff Home
44-1   Orson Pratt - Richard Bentley House
45-1   Romney-Andrus Home
46-1   Samuel Miles Jr. House
47-1   St. George Tabernacle
48-1   St. George Temple
49-1   The Thurston Home
50-1   Washington County Courthouse
51-1   William F. Butler Home
52-1   Woodward School

53-1   St. George City Code: Title 10: Chapter 21: Landmark Sites
54-1   St. George City Code: Title 10: Chapter 13: Article C: Historic District Overlay Zone
55-1   St. George General Plan: Chapter 4: Vision and Goals
56-1   St. George General Plan: Chapter 5: Natural and Cultural Resources
57-1   Acknowledgements