Richard A. Morris Home



St. George, Utah


200 North Main Street
St. George, UT 84770

Later moved to the Green Gate Village at 76 West Tabernacle in St. George where it is now located.


Built in 1879 for Orpha Morris on the corner of Main and 200 North.

It was a two-story home with an associated granary.

Over the years, this house fell into disrepair.

It was scheduled for demolition to make way for the new post office. But Dr. Mark & Barbara Greene rescued it and had it moved to the Green Gate Village. It took more than a month after the purchase contract was signed to secure steel beams under the foundation. Cables were wrapped around the home and it was moved onto a truck bed. With the help of St. George City, the house inched toward its new Tabernacle address. Power lines were disconnected to allow the passage of the two-story home. It successfully made the turn from Main Street onto Tabernacle and was lined up perfectly in front of its new foundation. However, the task of moving the truck up over the curb resulted in a broken axle and the jarring snapped the cables. Nearly a century of memories fell into the courtyard in a thunderous crash. After surveying the heap, it would have been easier to carry the rubble to the local dump. But having already invested a significant amount of time and money and with the help the trucker's great insurance, the house was rebuilt using as much of the original material as possible.

This home is now part of the Green Gate Village and is known as the Morris House.


Richard A. Morris TBD.

Orpha Morris was the only unmarried sibling (then referred to as a "spinster") in her family. As such, she was called home to care for her her aging parents. For many years she dutifully fulfilled that assignment.


Front of the Morris Home
WCHS-00585     Front of the Morris Home
        Back of the Morris Home
        WCHS-00587     Back of the Morris Home

Other WCHS photos:
WCHS-00587     Photo of the wood sign in front of the Richard A. Morris home


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