Old Courthouse



Adair Spring
Ash Creek
Ash Creek Reservoir
Atkinville Pond
Baker Dam & Reservoir
Berry Spring
Black Knolls Dam & Reservoir
Bloomington Irrigation Company
Blue Springs Reservoir
Brook's Pond
Camp Springs
Comanche Dam
Comanche Ditch
Comanche Spring
Cottonwood Canal
Cottonwood Pipeline
Cottonwood Spring
Cox Pond
Crawford Irrigation Canal
Crystal Creek Pipeline
Dixie Hot Springs
Dixie Project
Dodge's Pond
East Spring
Enterprise Dam & Reservoir
Flanigan Ditch
Fishing Ponds in Washington County
Grapevine Springs
Gunlock Dam & Reservoir
Gunlock Irrigation Company
Gunlock Hydroelectric Power Plant
Gunlock, Shem, Ivins Reservoir Blurb
Harrisburg Ditch
Hernia Dam
Hurricane Canal
Hurricane-LaVerkin Hydroelectric Power Plant
Ivins Canal
Ivins Flood Control Dams
Ivins Reservoir
Jackson Spring
Jarvis Ditch
Johnson Arch Spring
Kolob Dam & Reservoir
Lake Powell Pipeline
LaVerkin Canal
LaVerkin Hot Springs
LaVerkin Sulphur Springs
Leeds Creek
Leeds Water Company
Lower Sand Cove Reservoir & Dam
Main Canyon Ditch
New Harmony Irrigation Canal
New Harmony Reservoir and Irrigation Company
Oak Creek Irrigation Canal
Old Virgin Ditch
Pah Tempe Hot Springs
Pine Creek Irrigation Canal
Power Plant #1, Gunlock
Power Plant #2, Veyo
Power Plant #3, Sand Cove
Power Plant #4, Hurricane-LaVerkin
Price Canal
Quail Creek Dam & Reservoir
Red Mountain Dams
Rolling Hills Circle Water Tank
Sand Cove Reservoir & Dam (Lower)
Sand Cove Reservoir & Dam (Upper)
Sand Cove Hydroelectric Power Plant
Sand Hollow Dam & Reservoir
Santa Clara Bench Canal
Santa Clara Canal Company
Santa Clara Hydroelectric Power Plants Historic District
Santa Clara River
Seep Ditch Company
Shem Dam
Shoal Creek
Snow Canyon Spring
St. George Irrigation System
St. George Old Water Tank
St. George Water & Power Board
St. George-Santa Clara Field Canal Company
Sulphur Springs
Town Ditch
Turkey Farm Road Water Tank
Upper Sand Cove Reservoir & Dam
Veyo Hydroelectric Power Plant
Virgin River
Warm Springs
Washington Dam
Washington Fields Canal
Washington City Irrigation System
Washington County Water Conservancy District
West Spring
Winsor Dam


Outline History of Washington County Water and Dixie Water Timetable

List of Springs in Washington County

List of Springs in Washington County

Agriculture Under Irrigation in the Basin of the Virgin River
by Frank Adams, Irrigation Assistant
Excerpt from a Report of Irrigation Investigations in Utah
by U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Experiment Stations
Bulletin 124,   1903
Note:   This is a large file and may take a while to load.

Super-Dam Will Harness the Might Colorado: World's Greatest Power and Irrigation Project
Will Turn Millions of Barren Acres into Land of Wealth and Opportunity

Article by John Anson Ford, Popular Science, May 1922

Water Resources and Commuity Values: Utah's Dixie as a Case Study
By Thomas A. Alexander

Historic Ditches of Rockville, Utah
By Richard R. Kohler, July 2010

History of Water Conservation Utah and the West
By Richard R. Kohler, 2013

Work begins on regional pipeline to carry water to southern parts of Washington County
by Mori Kessler, St. George News, April 10, 2019

Water district says county supply is in 'a good place,' encourages 'common sense sustainability practices'
by Ryann Richardson, St. George News, July 20, 2019

Water district hikes fees for excessive water use, asks cities to conduct audit of public facilities
by Mori Kessler, St. George News, June 10, 2021

In a drought: Why are Southern Utah golf courses, cemeteries, parks still getting watered during the day?
by Mori Kessler, St. George News, June 15, 2021

Making The Desert Bloom: The Story of Water and Power in St. George
Book commemorating 50 years as a municipal water and power system 1942-1992.
Published by the City of St. George in 1991.
The Story of St. George Water from Making the Desert Bloom, 2010

Liquid Desert
Video with an overview story of water in Washington County.
Provided by the Washington County Water Conservancy District
To watch, click here.

A History of Washington County From Isolation to Destination
Book by Douglas D Alder and Karl F Brooks
Utah Centenial County History Series
Published by the Zion National History Association
See the information page.
Chapter 7 on "Water", pp. 171-200.

The Water's In!
by Juanita Brooks
Article in Harper's Monthly Magazine, 1941, pp. 608-613
Click here to download

Redeeming the West: A History of the Scientific Approach
A presentation to the Dixie State University Colleagues on April 1, 2013
By Richard Kohler
To see the document version, click here.

Cottonwood Canal Water 1879-1898
by Richard Kohler
Video of a 4th Saturday Silver Reef Museum lecture on July 28, 2018.
Click here for more information and to watch.

Virgin Water: Below the Confluence
by Richard Kohler
To view, click here