Since people have lived in the Washington County area, floods of our rivers and streams have been something to be dealt with.


January 1862: Santa Clara & Virgin Rivers Flood
It started on Christmas eve of 1861 and continued for 44 days and nights.
It is still considered the most severe flood in Dixie since the days of the early Mormon settlers.
It was part of a pattern that covered the entire soutwest United States.

December 1889: Great Flood in New Harmony

There was major damage to the dam on the Santa Clara River.

Flood Conditions Exist as Rain Continues
Washington County News,   March 3, 1938
There was major damage to the Winsor Dam.

There was major damage to the Winsor Dam.

July 29,1975
Residents of Bloomington were warned there was an 18-foot wall of water coming out of Zion National Park. The water came up to within a foot or two of the floor of the Man 'O War bridge. It washed away the east end of the approach, but did no other damage.

January 1, 1989: Quail Creek Reservoir Dam Failure
January 1, 1989, 12:08 am: The southwest dam on the Quail Creek Reservoir failed, unleashing a 40-foot wall of water, causing a flood down the Virgin River. There were no fatalities, but $12M in damages. For more details, click here.

January 10-11, 2005: Santa Clara & Virgin Rivers Flood
January 10-11, 2005: Flood on the Virgin and Santa Clara Rivers
$200 million in damage; ?? homes lost in Washington County.

There was major damage to the Winsor Dam.


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Photos of the January 11, 2005 Santa Clara River flood

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DVD produced by Hal Hilburn and Bryce Hunt

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