Old County Courthouse



in Washington County, Utah

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Arizona Strip

Miscellaneous Locations:
Anasazi Valley
Atchinson Mountain
Beaver Dam Wash
Beaver Dam Mountains
Big Point
Black Rock Canyon
Bloomington Cave
Bull Mountain
Bull Valley Mountains
Bulldog Pass
Burger Peak
Castle Cliff
Cedar Pocket
Coal Pits Mesa
Cooper Bottom
Coral Canyon Development
Cove Mountain
Dixie Springs Development
Dixie Sugarloaf
Dog Town
Elephant Arch
Flat Top Mountain   (Pine Valley Mountains)
Flat Top Mountain   (Southwest of Enterprise)
Fort Clara   (aka Fort Santa Clara)
Fort Harmony
Fort Pearce
Fort Pearce Wash
Gooseberry Mesa
Gould's Wash
Gray Knoll
Horse Valley Wash
Hurricane Fault / Hurricane Cliffs
Hurricane Mesa
Jackson Peak
Jarvis Field
Jarvis Peak
Kolob Canyons
Lion's Head
Little Creek Mountain
Lytle Ranch
Millcreek Canyon
Mt. Baldy
Mt. Hope
Pace Ranch
Pilot Peak
Pine Valley Mountain
Sand Mountain
Sand Town
Shinob Kibe
Signal Peak
Smith Mesa
Smithsonian Butte
Square Top Mountain
Sullivan Knoll
Terry Ranch
Timber Mountain
T-Bone Hill
Utah Hill
Utah's Dixie
Veyo Volcano
Virgin River Gorge
Warner Valley
Webb Hill


Named Places in Washington County

List of DUP Histories of Geographic Locations in Washington County

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Citymelt.com Complete Analysis for Washington County Including Geographic Features

Utah Place Names
By John W. Van Cott
University of Utah Press, 1990
453 pages
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