Sullivan Knoll


Sullivan Knoll

Hurricane, Washington County, Utah


Sullivan Knoll is a volcanic cinder cone located on the southwest edge of downtown Hurricane.

37° 9' 45.36" North Latitude,   113° 20' 1.63" West Longitude
37.1626° North Latitude,   113.3338° West Longitude
4,029 feet (1,228 meters) MSL

Aerial view of Sullivan Knoll
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Sullivan Knoll cross section

Sullivan Knoll is a dormant cinder cone volcano and is covered in basalt and phenocrysts. It is one of ten cinder
cones in the Hurricane volcanic field. It's also made up of three lava flows, the middle of which was displaced
240 feet by the Hurricane fault at Timpoweap Canyon. The middle flow of the knoll is 170 feet thick along the
Virgin River channel.


The knoll was formed from the eruption of a vent at Volcano Mountain during the middle Pleistocene.

Sullivan Knoll got its name from the Sullivan brothers, William and Frank, who lived out near there.


Sullivan Knoll
WCHS-04763   Sullivan Knoll looking southeast                                                                   (Click here to enlarge)

Other WCHS photos:
WCHS-04764   Looking southeast toward Sullivan Knoll
WCHS-04765   Looking southeast toward Sullivan Knoll


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