Woodward School




Annex Building
Arrowhead Elementary School
Bellevue (Pintura) School
Bloomington Schoolhouse
Crimson Cliffs High School
Desert Hills High School
Dixiana Girls Dormatory
Dixie Applied Technology College   (DXATC)
Dixie High School
Dixie Junior High School (Woodward Junior High School, Dixie Middle School)
Dixie Stake Academy (St. George Stake Academy, Dixie College, Dixie Junior College)
Dixie State College
Dixie State University
Dixie Technology College   (DixieTech)
Duncan's Retreat School
East Elementary School
Enterprise First School
Enterprise Second School
Enterprise High School
First Ward School
Fourth Ward School
Grafton Old Log School
Grafton School House
Gunlock School (???)
Gunlock School - Original
Gunlock School - Old
Hurricane Elementary School
Hurricane Elementary School II
Hurricane Elementary School III
Hurricane High School
Hurricane Intermediate School
Hurricane Middle School
Institute for Continued Learning   (ICL)
LaVerkin School
Leeds Rock Church and School
Leeds Schoolhouse
Millcreek High School
New Harmony School
Pine View High School
Pinto Ward and School
Rocky Vista University
Second Ward School
Santa Clara Adobe School
Santa Clara Elementary School
Santa Clara School
Silver Reef Schoolhouse
Snow Canyon High School
St. George Elementary School
St. George Normal School
St. George Stake Academy
St. Mary's School
Sunset Elementary School
Tent School
Third Ward School
Toquerville School
Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts
Washington School
Water Canyon High School
West Elementary School
Willow School House
Woodward School
Woodward Annex Building
Miscellaneous Schools

Outside Washington County (but closely related)
Gentile School   (Arizona Strip, Arizona)
Mt. Trumbull School   (Bundyville, Arizona)


In 1890, the $2.50 per term (typically two to three months) tuition was abolished as free public schools were established. The four St. George school districts were combined into one and the school term was lengthened.

In June of 1915, the county's nineteen school districts were consolidated into one.

County School Superindendents:
George A. Burgon   (1868-1872)
Joseph E. Johnson   (1872-1877)
Miles P. Romney   (1877-1881)
Adolphus R. Whitehead   (1881)
Moroni Snow   (1881-1883)
Joseph Orton   (1883-1885)
John T. Woodbury   (1886-1891)
Levi N. Harmon   (1891-1900)
Charles A. Workman   (1901-1907)
Edward H. Snow   (1907-1908)
W. O. Nisson   (1909-1912)
Charles B. Petty   (1913-1915)
Matthew Bentley   (1915-1929)
Milton R. Moody   (1929-1958)
T. LaVoy Esplin   (1958-1979)
Jack F. Burr   (1979-1985)
Steven H. Peterson   (1985-1996)
Kolene Granger   (1996-2003)
Max Rose   (2003-6/28/2013)
Larry Bergeson   (7/1/2013)

Washington County School District Enrollment:
1915     2,059
1964     3,379
1972     4,215
1982     6,782
1992     13,363
1996     17,391 or 17,915
2000     18,323
2006     23,160


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