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Activities and projects of the Washington County Historical Society (WCHS) are supported by tax deductible membership dues and contributions. WCHS is a non-profit (IRS 501c3) organization. Our tax exempt ID number is 87-0465878. We appreciate the support of community members who are interested in the history of Washington County.

Any individual, age 18 or older and interested in supporting the purposes of the WCHS, may become a member by submitting an application (or the application information: name as you want it to appear on our member list, address, phone number(s), and e-mail address) and paying the $25 calendar year dues. You can verify your membership in the list of current and past members by clicking here.

Membership dues may be paid on our web site using PayPal or a credit card (just mention "Membership" in the comments), or by mailing a check payable to the Washington County Historical Society. If we don't have your current information, please send us the application information mentioned either by e-mail or conventional mail. Thanks for joining!

For further information or questions, contact president@wchsutah.org or Loren Webb at (435)632-0774.

WCHS Nonprofit ID 87-0465878

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