Alexander Y. Milne Home



St. George, Utah


186 South 200 East
St. George, UT 84770

On the northwest corner of 200 East and 200 South

Plat A, Block 13, Lot 1 on the old pioneer map of St. George.

37° 6' 18.99" North Latitude,   113° 34' 45.93" West Longitude
2,709 feet MSL

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There is no record of who built this house.

Charles Westover lived in the house in 1875.

William Burt purchased the property in 1875. Some of his fancy plaster work is still visible in the house.

Alexander Y. Milne owned this home from 1883 to 1949, adding the rear section in 1900. He raised his family there.

There were a few other owners for short periods of time.

The Howard Starr family bought the home on February 8, 1959 from Lorna Malon Cole. It was run down and in need of repair. The Starrs remodeled it and made it into three small apartments with doors filled, ceilings lowered, and kitchenettes built in.

After renting it out for a year and a half, the Starrs decided to restore it. They had it checked out and found it to be sound and worth restoring. It took them a long time, doing one room at a time. An oil furnace was installed in the basement and the heat piped into each room. The lowered ceilings made the windows, doors, and fireplaces look out of proportion, so they took the lowered ceilings out. Each room had many layers of wall paper on the walls and ceilings. After the old wallpaper was stripped, a finish plaster coat was needed before new wallpaper could be put on.

In 1965, they had a porch built on the front which helped the look of the house. They added a new bathroom, put in new plumbing and wiring, and refinished some of the woodwork. They finished digging out the basement and cementing the floor, adding shelves for storage. It has thick black rock foundations, and is a wonderful, cool, dry place for storage. They have collected and refinished a few pieces of pioneer furniture which adds to the house. In the dining room, they installed a wood burning stove which adds warmth and comfort in the winter.

Charles Westover
William Burt
Alexander Y. Milne
Lorna Malon Cole
Howard Starr


William Burt was a master Scottish artist, doing plastering and beautiful plaster of paris work in the Tabernacle, Old Pioneer Courthouse, Temple, and many homes in St. George.

Alexander Y. Milne was skilled in painting and papering.




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