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St. George Stake & St. George West Stake history poster

Photo of a St. George Stake and a St. George West Stake history poster.

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Framed poster contributed by Rob Allen on 1/9/2016.


    Soon after Salt Lake City had been founded under the leadership of President Brigham Young in 1847,
the country as far South as the Colorado River, as far West as the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and as far
North as the Oregon Line was explored with a view of locating settlements wherever there were facilities
for doing so. Parley P. Pratt's exploring group which left Salt Lake City in the latter part of 1849 and
returned early in 1850, explored Southern Utah as far as the present location of St. George, which led
to the establishment of an Indian Mission at Santa Clara in 1854 and the settlement of the town of
Washington in 1857.
    Toquerville was founded in 1858, Grafton in 1860, St. George in 1861, Rockville in 1863, etc.
These early settlements in Washington County were "mothered" by Parowan and Cedar City. After
the establishment of the Southern Utah Mission, December 1861, St. George became the "mother of
the South." These settlements were grouped ecclesiastically under the heading of the Southern Utah
and continued thus until 1877, when a general reorganization of the settlements of the Saints
in the Rocky Mountains took place, and the whole Territory of Utah (Utah Territory was larger than
present-day Utah), as also the adjoining territories of Idaho on the North and Arizona on the South
were organized into Stakes of Zion.
    The Southern Utah Mission included parts of four present-day states, namely Arizona, Nevada,
California, and Utah. From the geographical boundaries of this area the St. George Stake was
created and grew to the point where other Stakes were created.

    In 1861, President Brigham Young gazed toward Pine Valley Mountain, then at the valley and hills
of black lava and vermillion before him, and with a sweep of his arm he spoke: "There will yet be built
between those volcanic ridges a city with spires, towers, and steeples, with homes containing many

Southern Utah Mission,   1861-1869                          
    Southern Utah Presidency
    President:   Erastus Snow
    1st Counselor:   Joseph W. Young
    Clerk & Historian:   James G. Bleak

St George Stake,   1869-1874
    1st Stake Presdency
    President:   Joseph W. Young
    2nd Counselor:   Robert Gardner
    2nd Counselor:   James G. Bleak
    2nd Counselor:   Alexander McDonald

St George Stake,   1874-1877
    2nd Stake Presdency
    President:   John W. Young
    1st Counselor:   Robert Gardner
    2nd Counselor:   Alexander McDonald

St George Stake,   1877-1893
    3rd Stake Presdency
    President:   John D. T. McAllister
    1st Counselor:   Henry D. Eyring
    2nd Counselor:   Thomas J. Jones
    2nd Counselor:   Daniel D. McArthur

St George Stake,   1893-1901
    4th Stake Presdency
    President:   Daniel D. McArthur
    1st Counselor:   Anthony W. Ivins
    1st Counselor:   David Henry Cannon
    2nd Counselor:   Erastus B. Snow

St George Stake,   1901-1925
    5th Stake Presdency
    President:   Edward H. Snow
    1st Counselor:   Thomas P. Cottam
    2nd Counselor:   George F. Whitehead

St George Stake,   1925-1930
    6th Stake Presdency
    President:   Joseph K. Nicholes
    1st Counselor:   William O. Bentley
    2nd Counselor:   Walter Cannon

St George Stake,   1930-1940
    7th Stake Presdency
    President:   William O. Bentley
    1st Counselor:   Wilford W. McArthur
    2nd Counselor:   Orval Hafen

St George Stake,   1940-1950
    8th Stake Presdency
    President:   Harold S. Snow
    1st Counselor:   Vernon Worthen
    2nd Counselor:   William H. Prince
    2nd Counselor:   Vivian J. Frei

St George Stake,   1950-1953
    9th Stake Presdency
    President:   William H. Bennett
    1st Counselor:   Rulon A. Snow
    2nd Counselor:   James A. Andrus
St George Stake,   1953-1958
    10th Stake Presdency
    President:   Wilford J. Reichmann
    1st Counselor:   Rudger C. Atkin
    2nd Counselor:   Ellvert H. Himes
    2nd Counselor:   Theodore M. Peterson

St George Stake,   1959-1961
    11th Stake Presdency
    President:   Rudger C. Atkin
    1st Counselor:   Theodore M. Peterson
    2nd Counselor:   Leon Jennings

St George Stake,   1961-1970
    12th Stake Presdency
    President:   Andrew O. McArthur
    1st Counselor:   Grant C. Whitehead
    2nd Counselor:   Kenneth C. Weaver

St George Stake,   1970-1978
    13th Stake Presdency
    President:   Kenneth R. Metcalf
    1st Counselor:   Arlo John Hafen
    2nd Counselor:   Kay W. Wilkinson
    2nd Counselor:   Sheldon B. Johnson

St George West Stake,   1978-1982
    1st Stake Presdency
    President:   Dale Gubler
    1st Counselor:   Dennis W. Payne
    2nd Counselor:   Harvey Bruce Stucki

St George West Stake,   1982-1990
    2nd Stake Presdency
    President:   Harvey Bruce Stucki
    1st Counselor:   George M. Peacock
    2nd Counselor:   Val C. Stauffer

St George West Stake,   1990-1991
    3rd Stake Presdency
    President:   David G. Clove
    1st Counselor:   Craig L. Booth
    2nd Counselor:   James S. Johnson

St George West Stake,   1991-1999
    4th Stake Presdency
    President:   David G. Clove
    1st Counselor:   Craig L. Booth
    2nd Counselor:   Kyle T. Pace

St George West Stake,   1999-
    5th Stake Presdency
    President:   J. Robert Rhodes
    1st Counselor:   Donald E. Cannon
    2nd Counselor:   Kraig C. Loveland