Walter Cannon



(postmaster, realtor, banker, church leader)


Walter Cannon was born in Pinto, Utah on July 5, 1888.

Leah Sullivan was born in St. George on May 25, 1889.

Walter married Leah on June 9, 1909 in St. George.

Walter was the Postmaster in St. George.
He was also a realtor and banker.
He was the Second Counselor to President Joseph K. Nicholes in the St. George Stake Presidency.

Walter & Leah lived in the following homes:
    172 East 300 South, St. George, Phone 113-J; From ???? (1941 or before) to ???? (between 1941 and 1958)
    108 S. Main St., St. George, Phone ORchard 3-7308; From ???? (between 1941 and 1958) to 1977.

Walter died in St. George on August 13, 1957 and was buried in Plot B_4_8_1 if the
St. George City Cemetery.

Leah died in St. George on March 17,1977977 and was buried in Plot B_4_8_2_EH if the
St. George City Cemetery.


Walter's Parents and Siblings:
    David Henry Cannon
    Rhoda Ann Knell Cannon
        Evelyn Knell Cannon

        Robert Knell Cannon
        Wilford Woodruff Cannon  
        Clarence Cannon
        Rhoda Knell Cannon
        Walter Cannon
        Clara Cannon
        Vernon Cannon
        Douglas Cannon

        Earl CannonEarl Cannon
        Harold B Cannon

(4/23/1838-12/24/1924)   (married 6/20/1877)
(4/10/1878-11/1/1959)   (married Joseph Walter Webb
    and Robert Parker Woodbury)
(11/20/1880-9/1/1973)   (married Marie Kathryn Anderson)
(9/10/1885-3/13/1914)   (married Hyrum Alma Bryner)
(7/5/1888-8/13/1957)   (married Leah Sullivan)
(5/30/1891-10/31/1990)   (married Milton Burgess)
(5/20/1894-8/14/1970)   (married Ada Larson)
(8/15/1897-10/24/1985)   (married Henrietta Amelia Christensen
    and Esther Lucille Laub)
(4/24/1900-4/10/1985)   (married Alice Parry)
(3/14/1903-3/15/1992)   (married Vernessa Fern Jones)

Leah's Parents and Siblings:
    Joseph John Sullivan Sr
    Mary Ann Worthen Sullivan
        Joseph John Sullivan Jr
        Archibald D Sullivan
        Charles Richard Sullivan

        Mary Ann Sullivan
        Samuel Sullivan
        Clifford Sullivan

        Hettie Sullivan
        Leah Sullivan
        Gordon Sullivan
        Victor Sullivan

(5/2/1853-3/27/1936)   (married 12/2/1872)
(12/12/1875-6/29/1969)   (married Grace Lenzi McAllister
    and Mable Eudora Short)
(11/24/1878-9/30/1928)   (married Duncan McArthur)
(2/2/1881-11/14/1953   (married May Higgins and Hazel Neil Young)
(11/18/1883-10/17/1958)   (married Diantha Burgess, Theresa Ann Hardy,
    Desdemona Walters, and Ida Eliza Andersen)
(11/1/1886-5/15/1978)   (married William Oscar Bentley Jr)
(5/25/1889-3/17/1977)   (married Walter Cannon)
(1/31/1892-8/6/1974)   (married Blanche Beckstrom)
(8/11/1894-5/11/1982)   (married Clio McArthur and Carol Finlayson)

Walter & Leah's Family:
    Walter Cannon
    Leah Sullivan Cannon
        Howard Walter Cannon
        Evelyn Cannon
        Ramona Cannon
        Ellen Cannon

(7/5/1888-8/13/1957)   (married 6/9/1909)
(1/26/1912-3/6/2002)   (married Dorothy Pace)
(8/26/1917-3/11/2008)   (married George M. Jay)
(9/4/1920-1/31/1975)   (married Don Carlos Schmutz)


Walter Cannon


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