Edward H. Snow



(educator, church leader)


Edward H. Snow was born on 23 June 1865 in St. George, Utah and spent most of his life in Utah's Dixie area. After graduating from Brigham Young Academy in 1885, Snow opened his own small school in Santa Clara. He was sent on a mission to the Southern States in 1887. He was active in the Democratic Party and served in Utah's first state legislature (1896-1897). From 1901 to 1925 Snow was President of the St. George Stake. He was a central figure in the establishment of Dixie College. Snow served as President of the St. George Temple fom 1926 until he died on July 18, 1932.

When he was called as Stake President in St. George, he set the following goals:
    - Establish a high school in St. George.
    - Bring electricity to the town.
    - Set up a water system for St. George.
    - Get an ice plant to serve St. George.


Parents and Siblings:
    Erastus Snow
    Julia Josephine Spencer Snow  
        Edward Hunter Snow
        William Spencer Snow
        Amelia Snow
        Joseph Smith Snow
        Mary Brown Snow
        Maud Rosamund Snow

(11/9/1818-5/27/1888)   (married 4/11/1856)
(6/23/1865-7/18/1932)   (married Sarah Hannah Nelson on 9/24/1885)
(7/21/1867-9/10/1892)   (married Emily Henrietta Eyring on 11/9/1887)
(2/11/1873-10/27/1937)   (married Olive Thompson Bleak on 3/22/1894)

Wife and Children:
    Sarah Hannah Nelson Snow
        Edward Vernon Snow
        Olive Snow
        Dilworth Merrill Snow
        Karl N Snow
        Laura Snow
        Rulon Alma Snow
        Irma Snow

(3/27/1865-12/22/1944)   (married 9/24/1885)
(xx/xx/1888-10/23/1945)   (married Lucille Forsyth)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married George Farino)
(xx/xx/1891-1/14/1941)   (married Jetta Snow)
(xx/xx/1893-6/8/1930)   (married Wanda Snow)
(3/9/1897-3/xx/1985)   (married David Orin Woodbury)
(5/31/1902-12/5/1981)   (married Marian Miller)
(11/2/1909-2/7/2000)   (married Eugene Herbert Whitney)


Edward H. Snow         Edward H. Snow
        WCHS-01469   Photo of Edward H. Snow

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