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(Honoring those who paid the ultimate price)

Alvin A. Anderson   (World War II)
Gene K. Asay;   (Peacetime Accident)
Keith W. Beckstead   (World War II)
Ferris (or Farris) Elmo Bowler   (Peacetime Accident)
Rulon B. Bracken   (World War II)
Lincoln Delmar Bundy   (World War II)
Robert K. Burgess   (World War II)
Samuel Walter Chynoweth   (World War II)
Ray C. Coleman   (World War I)
Edward H. Cornelius   (World War II)
Garth B. Cottam   (World War II)
Dal G. Covington   (World War II)
Robert A. Cromwell   (World War II)
Willard D. Duncan   (World War II)
Wesley B. Empey   (World War II)
Grant L. Fawcett   (World War II)
George C. Felter   (World War I)
George Felton   (World War II)
Emil Mace Graff   (World War II)
Wallace M. Gray   (World War I)
Lauren B. Green   (Vietnam War)
Keith L. Hafen   (World War II)
Alton Hiatt   (World War I)
JR Fawcett Hinton   (World War II)
Marion W. Hinton   (World War II)
Alma S. Hunt   (World War II)
Mark E. Imlay   (World War II)
George C. Iverson   (World War II)
Walter Voss Jensen   (Korean War)
Dwight H. Jones   (World War II)
Erban L. Jones   (World War II)
Vance Justet   (World War II)
Daniel Lester Keate   (World War I)
Moroni Kleinman   (World War I)
Golden Lang   (World War II)
Isaac H. Lanston   (World War I)
Merril Laub   (World War II)
Lavon Martineau   (Korean War)
Willis A. Matthews   (World War II)
David Lindhurst McNeil   (World War I)
Hans M. Naegle   (World War I)
Rodney Neilson   (World War II)
Jack N. Ostenson   (World War II)
Ernest A. Pickering   (World War II)
Dalton Pulsipher   (World War II)
Cleyon John Reber   (World War I)
Fay F. Reber   (World War II)
Glen J. Reber   (World War I)
David Leo Reeve   (Vietnam War)
Cleon J. Robert   (World War I)
Ernest R. Russell   (World War I)
Rex O. Russell   (World War II)
Sterling Russell   (World War I)
John Harvey Savage   (World War II)
John W. Seaman   (World War II)
Crawford Snow   (Vietnam War)
June P. Sorenson   (World War II)
Marston J. Stokes   (World War II)
Wayne Rulon Stucki   (World War II)
Clayton B. Sullivan   (World War II)
George G. Tait   (World War II)
Howard A. Wade   (World War II)
Daniel R. Worthen   (World War II)


Washington County Veterans

Washington County Veterans Who Served During World War II
"An Historical Index of the Men and Women of Washington County Utah
    Who Served in the Militry During World War II"
Compiled by Abram Owen Young, Jr.

Army and Air Force casualties from Washington County during World War II

Army and Air Force casualties from Washington County during World War II

Solving heroic mysteries
Article by Samantha Sadler, The Spectrum, 7/4/2012

Santa Clara nears finish of Veterans Memorial
Article by Kevin Jenkins, The Spectrum, 5/21/2017

Index to World War II Army Enlistment Records for Washington County

Washington County Council of Defense (World Wars I and II)

A History of Washington County from Isolation to Destination
Book by Douglas D. Alder and Karl F. Brooks
Pages 223, 257-261

History of the 222nd Field Artillery Battalion
Includes a lot of background on the evolution of military organizations in Utah.

Faded Valor
by Clark N. Nelson, Sr.
Memories of World War II and some of it's local heroes, including:
    Rodney Neilson,   pp. 3-8, 17
    Keith Leland Hafen,   pp. 8-10, 18
    Stanley M. Schmutz,   pp. 10-14, 18
    Samuel Walter Chynoweth,   pp. 14-15, 18-19
    Walter Voss Jensen,   pp. 15-17, 19

American Legion Posts in Washington County

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Cottam-Hafen Post 2628
303 East 100 South
St. George, UT 84770

Utah Dixie Detachment #1270, Marine Corps League
P. O. Box 553
St. George, UT 84771

Southern Utah Veterans Home
66 Sand Rio Dr
160 North 200 East
Ivins UT 84738

Veterans Administration   (VA)