Well after the explosion



Wednesday,   March 6, 1935


All were killed instantly except for Lea Cottam who died at the hospital early Thursday morning.
Five bodies were mangled almost beyond recognition and were only identified with great difficulty.
No traces of Charles Alsop, Joseph Empey, Billy Maloney, and Cail Nicholson were ever found.

Charles Dana Alsop

Age 48; of St. George. General Manager of the Arrowhead Petroleum Corporation.
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Mabel Clarissa Alsop

Age 46; of St. George. Wife of the company general manager, Charles D. Alsop
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Lea Cottam

Age 24; of St. George. She worked as a secretary at Arrowhead Petroleum.
Miss Cottam was daughter of Heber & Asineth Cottam of St. George.
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Joseph Lamoni Empey, Jr.

Age 47; of St. George. He was an electrician with the Southern Utah Power Company in Cedar City.
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Chester M. "C.M." Flickinger

Age 50; of Virgin. Was the oil well driller and powder man in charge of the shooting of the well.
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Joseph Franklin Kitterman

Age 47; of St. George and Salt Lake City.
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William "Billy" Maloney

Age 20, of St. George.
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Ray B. Nelson

Age 22; of St. George.
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Cail Adolph Nicholson

Age 22; of St. George. He was an assistant electrician on the project and the son-in-law of Joseph Empey.
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Olive Bleak Snow

Age 62; of St. George. She was the wife of a local attorney and former state legislator, Joseph Snow.
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Bert L. Covington

Age 30; of St. George. He had bruises & laceratons and both eardrums blown out, but was otherwise okay.
He was treated at the hospital and released.

Elmer "Swede" Erickson

Age 30 or 32; of Cedar City; brother-in-law of Clarence Miller of Cedar City.
His chest was badly crushed and a piece of steel passed through his body.
He was in critical condition when taken to the hospital.
A 2 inch piece of steel was removed from his body and he was given blood transfusions.
A piece of steel pierced his right lung.

A. Sampson

Age 50. Had minor cuts and bruises.
He was treated at the hospital and released.

Rosamond Snow

Age 28; of St. George; daughter of Joseph & Olive Snow.
She had both eyes damaged and a 5 inch piece of steel imbedded in her hip.
At first, she was not expected to live. But after a time in the hospital, she was improving
and they thought they might save some vision in one eye.
She married Ralph Westover in 1939 and died in 1971.


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