Well after the explosion



Wednesday,   March 6, 1935


Area around the Escalante Well Site

    37° 2' 13.0" North Latitude,   113° 34' 33.7" West Longitude
    37.037° North Latitude,   113.576° West Longitude
    2,930 feet (890 meters) MSL

Enterprise Drive is about 1.7 miles south of Brigham Road on River Road.

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Five miles south of St. George on the evening of March 6, 1935, 70 to over 100 local townspeople gathered
to watch the shooting of the Arrowhead Petroleum Company's Escalante No. 2 oil well unaware of impending

The explosion occurred about 9:40 pm while six 10 foot long torpedoes, each loaded with nitroglycerin and
TNT and hanging from the derrick, were being lowered into the well. All told, 2,500 pounds of nitroglycerin
exploded and sent a shaft of fire into the night that was seen as far as 18 miles away. Ten people lost their
lives and more were injured.
Power from some high tension wires was turned off about 10:30 pm so it was safe to work on the site.

Ellis J. Pickett, an attorney, witnessed the tragedy from his motor car which was parked about 120 feet from
the well. The force of the blast tore the top off of his car.

Some of the Cox children would have been there, but things happened to prevent them from going.

Memorial services the ten victims and funerals for four of the victims were held in the St. George Tabernacle
at 2:00 pm on Friday, March 8, 1935.
Approximately 2,000 people attended. Businesses were closed so the whole town could mourn.
The funerals for Mabel Alsop, Lea Cottam, Ray Nelson, and Olive Snow were in that Tabernacle service.
Services for C.M. Flickinger were held graveside in St. George and Joseph Kitterman was sent to Lehi for burial.
The bodies of Charles Alsop, Joseph Empey, Billy Maloney, and Cail Nicholson were ever found.

This property is currently owned by the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA).


Oil well after the 3/6/1935 explosion
WCHS-02491   The escalante oil well after it exploded

WCHS Photos
WCHS-01099   Photo of the Escalante No. 1 oil derek south of St. George
WCHS-02492   Photo of people gathered in the St. George Tabernacle for the 3/8/1935 memorial service
WCHS-02524   Recent photo of the well explosion site
WCHS-02642   Photo of the Escalante No. 2 oil derek south of St. George
WCHS-03463   Photo of people on a field trip at the site of the 1935 Escalante Oil Well explosion


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