The New Harmony name came from Harmony and Fort Harmony. The name originally came from Harmony, Pennsylvania where the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, translated the Book of Mormon. The local settlers also liked the name because it suggested the harmony and united action the pioneers wanted to engender during their periods of trial and hardship.


New Harmony Homes

Comanche Dam
Comanche Ditch
Comanche Spring
Fort Harmony
Main Canyon Ditch
New Harmony Irrigation Canal
Town Ditch


Photos on the web:
SUU-0035   Photo of the Kolob Terraces as seen from New Harmony
SUU-0032   Photo of a New Harmony group on a sleigh ride in January of 1937
SUU-0036   Photo of folk dancers from New Harmony at Parowan's celebration of Utah's centennial in 1947


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Timeline for the Town of New Harmony
by Gerald W. Prince

Harmony, Fort Harmony, New Harmony, and Surrounding Area
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Pages 129-144, Supplement Pages 20-21.

Gathering in Harmony: A Saga of Southern Utah Families, Their Roots and Pioneering Heritage, and the Tale of Antone Prince, Sheriff of Washington County
Book by Stephen L. Prince
See the information page

"Historic Context and Detailed Documentation of the Main Canyon Ditch, Town Ditch, Comanche Dam (42WS4376), and Comanche Ditch (42WS2507), New Harmony, Washington County, Utah"
by Dale R Gourley and Jon Baxter (Bighorn Arhaeological Consultants, LLC)
for The Town of New Harmony and St. George Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management
Report Number 05-03
August 2005
Includes some history of New Harmony and its water resources.

"History of New Harmony, Utah"
by Work Projects Administration (WPA)
St. George, Utah

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by Laverna J. Englestead
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"New Harmony's Cemeteries"
Book by Gerald Williams Prince
New Harmony: Privately printed by Gerald Williams Prince, 2003, 2006

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by Hugo Price & Elliot Bird for the U.S. Surveyor General's Office

Geologic Map of the New Harmony Quadrangle, Washington County, Utah
By S. Kerry Grant, University of Missouri-Rolla

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1913 photo of New Harmony with Kolob in the background