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The LaVerkin area was originally used as farmland. A townsite was surveyed in 1898 and families started living there. It got a post office in 1903.






LaVerkin School
Old LaVerkin Church Building (White Chapel)


WCHS photos:
WCHS-00402     Photo of early LaVerkin looking west

Other photos on the web:
Photo of Tell and Clark Gubler on a hill above LaVerkin
Photo of a dairy barn in LaVerkin
5/27/2003 photo from the LaVerkin Overlook looking toward the Virgin River
5/27/2003 photo of the Hurricane Valley from the La Verkin Overlook
5/27/2003 photo of the view north from the La Verkin Overlook
5/27/2003 photo of the Virgin River Canyon xooming in on the canyon from the La Verkin Overlook
Photo of the old LaVerkin church
1909 photo of Theodore Roosevelt with Edwin Wooley, enjoying the sights of southern Utah on his visit to the state
Photo of a horse and wagon in LaVerkin
Photo of people in the hot springs swimming pool
1906 photo of students and a teacher in LaVerkin
Photo of a farmer and his cow in LaVerkin
Photo of Dixie Woodbury, 2 unknowns, Rosalba Gubler, and Thora Wilson in the EJ Graff Store
Photo of Moroni Sanders on a wagon carrying logs
Photo of LaVerkin women peeling fruit
Photo (c. 1900) of Arthur and Hattie Woodbury and son Hartley, Henry and Susanna Gubler and baby Winferd


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History of La Verkin
by Maud M. Judd,   1950

"A Brief History of the La Verkin Hot Springs and the La Verkin Canal"
Book by Ruby Webb
La Verkin: La Verkin Camp of the Daughers of Utah Pioneers, 1986

Washington County Chapter, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, " Under Dixie Sun".
1950 with 1978 Supplement.
Pages 389-403, Supplement Page 19.