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Photo WCHS-04329

Polygamist prisoners at the Utah Territorial Penitentiary
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Photo of Mormon polygamist prisoners at the Utah Territorial Penitentiary.
This photo was taken on either November 13 or 15, 1888 by Charles R. Savage or his assistant,
    William Ottinger (Savage probably took photos on November 13 and Ottinger on November 15).

Left to right are:
    Jacob Bastian of Washington
    Casper Bryner of St. George
    Walter Granger of St. George (bishop of the St. George Second Ward at the time)
    Mark Burgess of Panguitch
    George Q. Cannon of Salt Lake City (member of the Quorom of the Twelve Apostles)
    William Carter of St. George
    Warren W. Hardy of St. George
    James A. Doyle of Salt Lake City (an Irish guard)

The names on the alternate rendering of the photo are mostly, but not entirely, correct.
Some only list last names and one or two are flat out wrong.

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WCHS-04334, and WCHS-04335.

This photo and his original research was contributed by Kenneth L. Cannon II on September 28, 2020.

For background, see Ken Cannon's presentation at the
Utah State Historical Society's 68th Annual History Conference, September 2020
"For Conscience' Sake: The Prison Photographs of George Q. Cannon and His Fellow 'Cohabs'
    and What They Mean"
  (Minutes 21:47 to 44:29)
For the presentation PowerPoint slides, click here.