George Q. Cannon



(church leader, missionary, publisher)


Brother of St. George pioneers Angus M. Cannon and David H. Cannon.

Led an early party through Washingon County enroute to California.
Was a split with the ??? party which led to an interesting story.


Born January 11, 1827 in Liverpool, England.

From 1849 to 1853, he went on a mission to the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii). He converted many Hawaiians and was much respected there. With the help of Jonatana Napela, he translated the Book of Mormon into the Hawaiian language. Later, after returning from this mission, he published the Hawaiian version of the Book of Mormon.

From 1867 to 1874, he was the managing editor of the Deseret News. It was under his direction that the News was first published on a daily basis.

Ordained an Apostle in the L.D.S. Church on August 26, 1860.

Was a member of the Church First Presidency:
    Counselor to Brigham Young,   June 8, 1873 to May 9, 1874.
    Assistant Counselor to Brigham Young,   May 9, 1874 to August 29, 1877.
    First Counselor to John Taylor,   October 10, 1880 to July 25, 1887.
    First Counselor to Wilford Woodruff,   April 7, 1889 to September 2, 1898.
    First Counselor to Lorenzo Snow,   September 13, 1898 to April 12, 1901.

In 1862, Brigham Young sent Cannon to Washington D.C. to assist in the church's promotion of the Utah Territory's bid for statehood. He was the five-time Territorial Delegate from Utah to Congress, from 1872 to 1882.

Died April 12, 1901 in Monterey, California
Buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery
    40° 46' 37.92? North Latitude,   111° 51' 28.8? West Longitude


George's Parents and Siblings:
    George Cannon (the Immigrant)
    Ann Quayle Cannon
        George Quayle Cannon
        Mary Alice Cannon
        [Infant son Angus] Cannon
        Ann Cannon
        Angus Munn Cannon
        John Quayle Cannon
        David Henry Cannon
        Leonora Cannon

(12/3/1794-8/17/1844)   (married 10/24/1825)
(1/11/1827-4/17/1901)   (married as shown below)
(12/9/1828-9/7/1920)   (married Charles Lambert)
(1/28/1832-7/25/1921)   (married Orin Nelson Woodbury)
(5/17/1834-6/7/1915)   (married as shown on his webpage)
(4/23/1838-12/24/1924)   (married as shown on his webpage)
(9/11/1840-10/11/1924)   (married Reddin Alexander Allred
    and Robert Gardner, Jr.)

First Wife and Children:
    Elizabeth Hoagland Cannon
        Rosina Mathews Cannon1
        George Quayle Cannon Jr.
        John Quayle Cannon

        Abraham Hoagland Cannon

        Georgiana Hoagland Cannon
        George Hoagland Cannon
        Elizabeth Hoagland Cannon
        Mary Alice Hoagland Cannon
        Lillian Ann Hoagland Cannon
        David Hoagland Cannon
        Emily Hoagland Cannon
        Sylvester Quayle Cannon

(11/2/1835-12/18/1939)   (married 12/11/1854)
(10/7/1852-12/18/1939)   (married George Cannon Lambert)
(4/19/1857-1/14/1931)   (married Elizabeth Ann Wells
    and Louisa Martha Wells)
(3/12/1859-7/19/1896)   (married Sarah Ann Jenkins,
    Wilhelmina Mousley Cannon, Mary Eliza Croxall,
    Lillian Hamlin, Sarah Catherine Ann Walke,
    and Ardell Holman Stevens)
(10/16/1867-3/1/1909)   (married Lewis Mousley Cannon)
(10/9/1869-10/30/1870)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(4/14/1871-10/17/1892)   (married Amanda Mousley Cannon)
(6/13/1874-12/13/1955)   (married Israel Emerson Willey)
(6/10/1877-5/29/1943)   (married Winnifred Irene Saville)

Second Wife and Children:
    Sarah Jane Jenne Cannon
        Franklin Jenne Cannon

        Angus Jenne Cannon

        Hugh Jenne Cannon

        Rosannah (Zan) Jenne Cannon
        Joseph (Joe) Jenne Cannon

        Preston (Bish) Jenne Cannon
        Karl Quayle Cannon2

(9/11/1839-5/13/1928)   (married 4/11/1858)
(1/25/1859-7/25/1933)   (married Martha Anderson Brown
    and May Anderson Brown)
(10/31/1867-3/19/1957)   (married Miriam Lavinia Hawkins
    and Anna Rowerda Bockholt)
(1/19/1870-10/6/1931)   (married Mary May Wilcken,
    Vilate Gray Peart, and Sarah Ellen Richards)
(6/29/1872-1/5/1969)   (married Alonzo (Lon) Blair Irvine)
(5/22/1877-11/5/1945)   (married Florence Groesbeck
    and Ramona Stevenson Wilcox)
(4/12/1881-10/9/1941)   (married Esther Mable Harker)
(4/24/1881-11/19/1934)   (married Mary Frances Silver) 

Third Wife and Children:
    Eliza Lamercia Tenney Cannon
        William Tenney Cannon
        Read Tenney Cannon

        Edwin Quayle Cannon

(2/9/1845-4/17/1908)   (married 7/29/1865)
(9/5/1870-5/21/1949)   (married Emily Ada Croxall)
(5/12/1875-8/2/1905)   (married Ada Maria White
    and Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(9/7/1886-8/3/1971)   (married Edith Luella Wareing)

Fourth Wife and Children:
    Martha Telle Cannon
        Hester Telle Cannon

        Amelia Telle Cannon
        Lewis Telle Cannon

        Brigham Telle Cannon

        Willard Telle Cannon
        Grace Telle Cannon
        Radcliffe Quayle Cannon
        Espey Telle Cannon
        Collins Telle Cannon

(5/28/1846-2/5/1928)   (married 3/16/1868)
(2/16/1870-10/26/1936)   (married William Henry Chamberlin,
    Daniel Brigham Hill Richards, and Alexander Willard Hill Richards)
(2/16/1870-1/17/1937)   (married William Henry Chamberlin)
(4/22/1872-10/10/1946)   (married Martha Maughan Howell
    and Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(8/3/1874-11/9/1954)   (married Clara Margaret Schramm,
    Melva Irene Bawden, and Cecelia Elaine Farell)
(6/20/1877-12/29/1937)   (married Caroline Young Croxall)
(1/1/1880-9/25/1945)   (married Charles Clarence Neslen)
(8/1/1883-4/8/1961)   (married Maud Jennings Riter)
(6/16/1886-7/24/1971)   (married Alice Yates Farnsworth)
(7/31/1888-5/28/1961)   (married Ida May Burton)

Fifth Wife:
    Emily Hoagland Cannon

(9/20/1837-11/15/1906)   (married 7/11/1881)

Sixth Wife and Children:
    Caroline Partridge Young Cannon
        Emily Ada Young Croxall Cannon3
        Caroline Young Croxall Cannon3
        Mark Young Croxall Cannon3

        Tracy Young Croxall Cannon3

        Vera Young Croxall Cannon3
        Clawson Young Cannon
        Wilford Young Cannon
        Anne Young Cannon
        Georgius Young Cannon

(2/1/1851-7/2/1903)   (married 11/3/1884)
(8/13/1870-3/9/1966)   (married William Tenney Cannon)
(7/2/1875-2/11/1955)   (married Willard Telle Cannon)
(10/4/1877-11/1/1956)   (married Gertrude Winder,
    Johanna Asland, and Blanche Lee Montgomery)
(7/23/1879-11/6/1961)   (married Elsie Priscilla Jennings Riter,
    Lettie Taylor, and Caroline Hinckley)
(10/13/1881-9/9/1968)   (married Heber Chase Sharp)
(10/27/1885-11/3/1977)   (married Winnifred Morrell)
(7/4/1888-3/7/1974)   (married Dolores Stohl)
(7/13/1890-10/1/1937)   (married John Rex Winder)
(3/6/1892-3/29/1987)   (married Phyllis Rose Winder)

1 Adopted daughter of James Mathews & Mary Oakey
2 Adopted son of Franklin Jenne Cannon & Maud Baugh
3 Child of Caroline Young & Mark Croxall before their divorce.


WCHS photos:
WCHS-04329   Photo of polygamists including George Q. Cannon in the Utah State Penitentiary in 1888
WCHS-04330   Photo of polygamists including George Q. Cannon in the Utah State Penitentiary in 1888
WCHS-04331   Photo of polygamists including George Q. Cannon in the Utah State Penitentiary in 1889
WCHS-04332   Photo of polygamists including George Q. Cannon in the Utah State Penitentiary in 1889
WCHS-04333   Photo of polygamists including George Q. Cannon in the Utah State Penitentiary in 1888 or 1889
WCHS-04334   Photo of polygamists including George Q. Cannon in the Utah State Penitentiary in 1888

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