Angus M. Cannon



(early settler, first mayor of St. George, prosecuting attorney, butcher)


Angus M. Cannon was born 5/17/1834 in Liverpool, England.

He and his family were baptized in the Mormon church on 2/11/1840. They left Liverpool by boat in September of 1842. His mother died at sea and his father died in 1844. He lived with his sister Mary Alice and her husband, Charles Lambert, in Nauvoo. He arrived in Salt Lake City in October of 1949.

In November of 1850, we went with the George A. Smith company to settle Iron County in Southern Utah. They arrived at the present site of Parowan in January of 1851 and he was there until returning to Salt Lake in May of 1851.

He served a mission in the eastern United States from 1854 to 1858 when he was called back as a result of the Utah War. In the summer of 1858, he married Ann Amanda Mousley and Sarah Maria Mousley who he had met while working in Delaware.

Angus was the head of one of the 309 families called to settle St. George in 1861. He settled on the Rio Virgen and was part of the committee that located St. George. He was elected as the first mayor of St. George on 4/7/1862 and reelected for a second term in March of 1864. He was also the Washington County prosecuting attorney for four years. He was involved in various positions within the militia, 1865-1867.

In 1867, he returned to Salt Lake City for health reasons. There he was the 7th President of the Salt Lake Stake (covering Davis, Morgan, Salt Lake, Summit, and Wasatch Counties) from April 1876 to 1905. He was convicted of polygamy and served six months in the Utah State Penitentiary in 1885. Angus was the Republican Party candidate in the 1896 "at large" election for state senator from Salt Lake County, but was defeated by his wife, Martha Maria Hughes Cannon, who ran as a Democrat. After being released as Stake President, he was called as the Stake Patriarch.

Angus died on 6/17/1915 in Salt Lake City. His funeral was held in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square and he was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Plot C_5_14_1_E.


Angus' Parents and Siblings:
    George Cannon (the Immigrant)
    Ann Quayle Cannon
        George Quayle Cannon
        Mary Alice Cannon
        [Infant son Angus] Cannon
        Ann Cannon
        Angus Munn Cannon
        John Quayle Cannon
        David Henry Cannon
        Leonora Cannon

(12/3/1794-8/17/1844)   (married 10/24/1825)
(1/11/1827-4/17/1901)   (married as shown on his webpage)
(12/9/1828-9/7/1920)   (married Charles Lambert)
(1/28/1832-7/25/1921)   (married Orin Nelson Woodbury)
(5/17/1834-6/7/1915)   (married as shown below)
(4/23/1838-12/24/1924)   (married as shown on his webpage)
(9/11/1840-10/11/1924)   (married Reddin Alexander Allred
    and Robert Gardner, Jr.)

First Wife and Children:
    Sarah Marie Mousley
        Maria Cannon
        George Mousley Cannon
        John Mousley Cannon
        Ann Mousley Cannon
        Henry Mousley Cannon
        Leonora Mousley Cannon

(7/21/1828-3/12/1912)   (married 7/18/1858)
(12/25/1861-1/23/1937)   (married Marian Adelaide Morris, Ellen Christina Steffensen, and Katherine Vaughan Morris)
(9/24/1865-6/16/1917)   (married Zina Bennion, Margaret Peart, and Harriet Seymore Neff)
(9/29/1869-11/9/1948)   (married ???)
(10/2/1872-4/??/1873)   (married ???)
(??/??/1874-9/24/1961)   (married Barnard Joseph Stewart)

Second Wife and Children:
    Ann Amanda Harrison Mousley
        Angus Munn Cannon
        Wilhelmina Mousley Cannon
        David Mousley Cannon
        Lewis Mousley Cannon
        Charles Mousley Cannon
        Eugene Mousley Cannon
        Mary Mousley Cannon
        Clarence Mousley Cannon
        Jesse Fox Cannon
        Quayle Cannon

(6/10/1836-3/18/1905)   (married 7/18/1858)
(??/??/1855-7/10/1913)   (married ???)
(7/23/1859-10/6/1941)   (married Abraham Hoagland Cannon)
(4/1/1866-6/7/1924)   (married Lillian Hamlin, Annie Nielsen, and Mary Alice Cannon)
(1/2/1869-1/11/1899)   (married Ida Maud Daynes)
(??/??/1871-10/7/1958)   (married Edna Cannon Lambert)
(6/4/1873-8/2/1916)   (married J Frank Chamberlain)
(??/??/1875-4/30/1943)   (married ???)
(??/??/1877-7/6/1956)   (married Margaret Mc Keever)
(12/30/1879-8/26/1950)   (married ???)

Third Wife and Children:
    Clarissa Cordelia (Clara) Moses  
        Alice Cannon

(??/??/1839-??/??/1926)   (married 6/16/1875)
(??/??/1881-3/18/1967)   (married Joseph Leroy Cheney)

Fourth Wife and Children:
    Martha "Mattie" Maria Hughes
        James Hughes Cannon
        Elizabeth Rachel Cannon
        Ghwendolyn Hughes Cannon

(7/1/1857-7/10/1932)   (married 10/6/1884)
(??/??/1880-3/20/1950)   (married Threasa Mary Mcguire, Lillian Rose Neyland, and Anna Lavinna H)
(??/??/1885-7/11/1972)   (married Roy Stillman Porter)
(4/17/1900-12/28/1928)   (married Gerald Churchill Quick)

Fifth Wife and Children:
    Maria Bennion
        Glen Bennion Cannon
        Ira Bennion Cannon

(??/??/1834-4/13/1925)   (married 3/11/1886)
(??/??/1884-??/??/????)   (married Dora Beatrice Barton)
(2/11/1889-4/1/1959)   (married Mary Salmon)

Sixth Wife:
    Johanna Christina Danielson

(??/??/1834-2/17/1922)   (married 3/21/1887)


Angus M. Cannon         Angus M. Cannon         Angus M. Cannon
???, Angus M. Cannon, and ???         Angus M. Cannon's Gravestone


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