Cannon Coat of Arms



"Cannon Family Historical Treasury"

Edited by Beatrice Cannon Evans and Janath Russell Cannon

This book is a history of the George & Ann Quayle Cannon family with considerable detail about their children.
Since some of their time was spent in Utah's Dixie, there is quite a bit of history of that area.

Hardback, 390 Pages, 9.25" x 6.25" x 1.5"
Published by the George Cannon Family Association
First Edition (1967)
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Front cover of the book
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      Title page of the bookcannon-family-historical-treasury
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                Part I     The Tree and Its Roots
I       The Cannons of Cooilshellagh    3
II      Stout Hugh the Fisherman    9
III     Bold Captain Cannon  13
IV     George the Immigrant and Ann Quayle  21
V      "Mormonism" Brought to the Cannon Household  32
VI     The Voyage -- Told in the Immigrant's Own words        46
VII    The Immigrant Reaches the Promised Land  56
Notes on "Ellan Vannin," the Isle of Man  68
The Isle of Man Today  76
                Part II     Branches Over the Wall
George Quayle Cannon  85
    Elizabeth Hoagland Cannon118
    Sarah Jane Jenne Cannon123
    Eliza Lamercia Tenney Cannon128
    Martha Tell Cannon132
    Caroline Young Croxall Cannon136
Mary Alice Cannon Lambert141
    Charles Lambert153
Ann Cannon Woodbury159
    Orin Nelson Woodbury185
Angus Munn Cannon189
    Sarah Maria Mousley Cannon220
    Ann Amanda Mousley Cannon224
    Clarissa Cordelia Moses Mason Cannon227
    Martha Hughes Cannon230
    Maria Bennion Cannon234
    Johanna Cristina Danielson Cannon237
David Henry Cannon238
    Wilhelmina Mousley Cannon261
    Josephine Langley Crosgrove Cannon164
    Rhoda Ann Knell Cannon268
Leonora Cannon Gardner273
    Robert Gardner282
Elizabeth Cannon Piggott287
    William Henry Piggott295
            Part III     Golden Fruit From the Family Tree
A Letter From Mary Alice Cannon Lambert301
The Glass for the St. George Tabernacle304
The Gospel Is Brought to the Cannons310
The First Christmas in St. George315
A Testimony of David H. and George Q. Cannon318
Life on the Cannon Farm321
Remarkable Genetical Record339
My First Mission341


The Seven Children of George CannonFront
Peel Harbor and Castle  10
Captain Cannon's House in Peel  16
The Quayle House in Peel  23
Marriage Certificate of George Cannon & Ann Quayle  26
A Letter in "The Millennial Star"  50
Death Mask of Joseph Smith  62
Cregneish, Isle of Man; Castle Rushen  74
Ceremony at Tynwald Hill; Port Erin, Isle of Man  75
Portrait of Ann M. Cannon  79
Cannon Family Tree82,83
George Q. Cannon 1862; 1882; 1900  84
Staff of the Western Standard  92
George Q. Cannon in San Francisco; Washington  94
First Presidency of the Church in 1880106
George Q. Cannon and Other Church Leaders in Prison110
George Q. with Older Sons; Some Younger Sons115
First Presidency of the Church 1889-1898116
Elizabeth Hoagiand Cannon118
Sarah Jane Jenne Cannon123
Eliza Tenney Cannon128
Martha Telle Cannon132
Caroline Young Croxall Cannon136
"Carlie" in the "Deseret Costume"138
Mary Alice Cannon Lambert142
Mary Alice with Her Daughters149
Four Generations of Mary Alice Lambert Family151
The Old Lambert Home in Salt Lake City152
Charles Lambert153
The Nauvoo Temple, Sketch158
Ann Cannon Woodbury; With Three Great-Grandchildren  160
John Taylor Home in Salt Lake Valley, Sketch170
Woodbury Home in St. George177
The Woodbury Family179
Orin Nelson Woodbury185
Angus M. Cannon190
Angus M. Cannon and His Sons202
Angus M. Cannon Birthday Celebration206
Angus M. Cannon, Horseman; His Home in Salt Lake209
Saalt Lake City about 1870212
Angus with Sarah Maria and Ann Amanda Mousley217
Sarah Mousley Cannon220
Amanda Mousley Cannon224
Clarissa Cannon227
Martha Hughes Cannon230
Maria Bennion Cannon234
David H. Cannon at 42; at 77238
David H. Cannon at Indian Baptismal Service254
David with His Son; His Home in St. George;
    With Others of His Children

Wilhelmina Cannon261
Josephine Cannon264
Rhoda Knell Cannon268
David H. Cannon's Three Families271
Leonora Cannon Gardner272
Pine Valley Church; Gardner Home in Pine Valiey278
Children of Leonora C. Gardner; Leonora with her

Robert Gardner282
The St. George Temple Under Construction285
Elizabeth Cannon Piggott287
Children of Elizabeth Piggott; Piggott Home in
    Bloomington, Idaho

Elizabeth C. Piggott; William H. Pisgott Family292
William H. Piggott295
Sons of George Cannon; His Surviving Children in 1915   300
Sisters of Ann Quayle Cannon302
The St. George Tabernacle308
Leonora Cannon Taylor310
The St. George Temple318
George Q. Cannon Home in Salt Lake City320
Map of the George Q. Cannon Farm333
Painting of the Cannon Farm336
The George Q. Cannon Family School341