Maximillian Parker



(stockman, farmer, rancher, mail carrier, freighter)




Maxmillan's Parents and Siblings:
    Robert Parker
    Ann Ruth Hartley Parker
        Maximillian Parker
        Martha Alice Parker
        Margaret Ann Parker
        Arthur Hartley Parker
        Emily Parker
        Ada Parker
        Robert Parker
        Ellen Parker
        Ruth Caroline Parker

(3/19/1820-2/24/1901)   (married 5/24/1843)
(6/8/1844-7/28/1938)   (married Ann Campbell Gillies)
(5/22/1846-12/17/1925)   (married John Stillman Woodbury)
(5/29/1855-5/7/1930)   (married Brigham Young McMullin)
(2/5/1860-10/22/1939)   (married Charles Westover, Jr.)
(4/5/1862-9/2/1945)   (married David McMullin)

Ann's Parents and Siblings:
    Robert Gillies
    Jane Ann Sinclair Gillies
        John Moroni Gillies
        Ann Campbell Gillies
        Daniel Sinclair Gillies
        Christina Gibbs Gillies

(7/8/1820-10/6/1866)   (married 3/4/1842)
(7/12/1846-5/1/1905)   (married Maximillian Parker)
(5/3/1849-12/29/1907)   (married Susannah Catherine Knell)
(5/8/1853-2/10/1924)   (married David Levi)

Maximillian & Ann's Family:
    Maxmillan Parker
    Ann Campbell Gillies Parker
        Robert Leroy Parker
        Daniel Sinclair Parker
        Arthur H. Parker
        Jean Ann Parker
        William Moroni Parker
        Susan Knell Parker
        Ebenezer Maxmillan "Ebb" Parker  
        Blanche Alice Parker
        Lula Christine Parker
        Mark D'Lafiet Parker
        Nina Grace Parker
        Leona Hartley Parker
        Joseph Rawlins Parker

(6/8/1844-7/28/1938)   (married 7/12/1865)
(11/21/1867-8/5/1942)   (married Annice Ann "Nan" McMullin)
(10/16/1871-4/7/1960)   (married Thomas Christopher Penaluna)
(2/23/1874-5/11/1952)   (married Mary Jane Lamb)
(8/26/1876-10/26/1964)   (married Hollis Charles Teitjen)
(6/19/1879-10/22/1957)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(11/5/1881-10/16/1967)   (married Walter Dean Stark)
(4/5/1884-5/5/1980)   (married Joseph Adelbert Betenson)
(10/4/1886-6/7/1932)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(1/26/1889-1/1/1923)   (married Carl Edward Ecklund)
(11/19/1893-5/31/1937)   (married James Heber Wiley)




Maximilian "Max" Parker Life
By Dixie Diane Miller.

Maximillian Parker
A research report by Elaine Young, Ph.D.

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