Willard G. McMullin



(stone mason)


Willard Glover McMullin was born February 21, 1823 in Vinalhaven (North Haven Island), Knox County, Maine.

Willard married Mary C. Richards in Camden, Knox County, Maine on April 11, 1842. Mary was born in
Searsmont, Waldo County, Maine on August 26, 1820. She died in Winter Quarters, Pottawattamie County,
Iowa on July 14, 1846 on route to Utah.

Willard married Mary's older sister, Martha Richards, in Winter Quarters on January 6, 1848. Martha was born
in Searsmont, Waldo County, Maine on October 2, 1814.

Willard married a plural wife, Sarah Stubbs, in Salt Lake City on December 1, 1849. She died in Salt Lake
on March 24, 1850.

Willard married another plural wife, Mary Ann Holmes, in Salt Lake City on October 12, 1855. She was born
in Doddington, Fenland District, Cambridgeshire, England on July 2, 1836. Willard met her in England and she
returned with him from his mission there.

The Willard McMullin family arrived in Harrisburg in the 1860s.

Willard and his son built many of the stone homes and public buildings in Harrisburg, Leeds, and Silver Reef.
A number of these homes and buildings are still standing. Examples of his family's considerable skill as stone
masons are showcased today in the restored Adams House in Harrisburg, the Wells Fargo Building in Silver
Reef, and the Leeds Tithing Office. All three sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Only
a trace of the McMullin home still stands.

Martha died in Harrisburg on June 11m1867 and was buried in the Harrisburg Cemetery.

Willard died in Harrisburg on October 17, 1884 and was buried in the Harrisburg Cemetery.

Mary Ann died in Leeds on September 12, 1895 and was buried in the Harrisburg Cemetery.


Parents and Siblings:
    Archibald McMullin Jr.
    Abigil Shirley McMullin
        Willard Glover McMullin

(3/29/1759-2/5/1837)   (married 11/7/1819)
(2/21/1823-10/17/1884)   (married as shown below)

First Wife and Children:
    Mary C. Richards McMullin
        Willard Richards McMullin
        Mary McMullin

(8/26/1820-7/14/1846)   (married 4/11/1842)

Second Wife and Children:
    Martha Richards McMullin
        Willard Glover McMullin
        Martha McMullin
        Brigham Young McMullin
        Ira Spaulding McMullin
        David McMullin

(10/2/1814-6/11/1867)   (married 1/6/1848)
(3/29/1851-12/21/1927)   (married Ada Parker)
(9/5/1852-4/26/1932)   (married Helen Elizabeth Leany)
(6/10/1856-4/7/1939)   (married Ruth Caroline Parker)

Third Wife (no children):
    Sarah Stubbs McMullin

(12/28/1828-3/24/1850)   (married 12/1/1849)

Fourth Wife and Children:
    Mary Ann Holmes McMullin
        Willard John McMullin
        George Wesley McMullin
        Abigail McMullin
        Eli Glover McMullin
        Mary Ann McMullin
        Oscar McMullin
        Frank McMullin
        Harriet Centennial McMullin  

(7/2/1836-9/12/1895)   (married 10/12/1855)
(10/5/1859-4/4/1898)   (married Florence Mae Oakden)
(11/12/1861-3/28/1904)   (married Isiah Cox)
(1/2/1864-6/14/1909)   (married Pheobe Ann Angell)
(1/14/1866-5/7/1936)   (married William Duncan Sullivan)
(7/8/1868-12/24/1949)   (married Miranda McArthur)
(11/14/1871-11/27/1967)   (married Elizabeth Etta Harris)
(7/4/1876-12/5/1929)   (married Thomas Stirling)




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