Robert Parker



(builder, store manager, postmaster)


Ann Ruth Hartley was born in Blackburn, Lancashire, England on March 22, 1819.

Robert Parker was born in in Burnley, Lancashire, England on March 29, 1820. He was self educated in art,
music, and well versed in the humanities. He loved singing.

Robert married Ann Hartley in Burnley, Lancashire, England on May 25, 1843.

Robert came to Washington in the fall of 1865 to help build the Cotton Factory with John Ashworth under
John P. Chidester, chief carpenter. Then he returned to Beaver.

In 1873, Robert purchased a lot on Telegraph Street next to the Relief Society building that was the co-op store
which Robert managed.

On July 9, 1878 Robert was appointed Postmaster of Washington, a position he held until October 15, 1887.

Robert married Jensine Julia Madsen as a plural wife in St. George on December 2, 1886. Jensine was born in
Herning, Ringkobing, Denmark on October 15, 1866. Divorced ???. On October 30, 1889, she married Charles
Julius Edwin Gulbransen in Salt Lake City and had four children with him between 1892 and 1907. She died in
Salt Lake City on February 26, 1953 and was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Robert was sent on mission to Liverpool, England where he served from November 12, 1887 to March 2, 1888.

Ann died in Washington on January 25,1899or1901 and was buried in the Old South Row #28 of the
Washington City Cemetery.

Robert died in St. George on February 24, 1901 and was buried in the Washington City Cemetery on
February 26. For a photo of his gravestone, click here.


Robert's Parents and Siblings:
    Thomas Parker
    Martha Pollard Parker
        Robert Parker
        William Parker
        Alice Parker
        Martha Parker

(xx/xx/xxxx-11/20/1854)   (married 12/26/1819)
(3/29/1820-2/24/1901)   (married as shown below)
(5/30/1821-11/27/1905)   (married Mary Ann Child)
(10/3/1823-4/22/1882)   (married Smith Heap)
(3/25/1825-1/13/1910)   (married John Proctor)

First Wife and Children:
    Ann Ruth Hartley Parker
        Maximillian Parker
        Martha Alice Parker
        Margaret Ann Parker
        Arthur Hartley Parker
        Emily Parker
        Ada Parker
        Robert Parker
        Ellen Parker
        Ruth Caroline Parker

(3/22/1819-1/25/1899or1901)   (married 5/24/1843)
(6/8/1844-7/28/1938)   (married Ann Campbell Gillies)
(5/22/1846-12/17/1925)   (married John Stillman Woodbury)
(5/29/1855-5/7/1930)   (married Brigham Young McMullin)
(2/5/1860-10/22/1939)   (married Charles Westover, Jr.)
(4/5/1862-9/2/1945)   (married David McMullin)

Second Wife:
    Jensine Madsen Parker

(10/15/1866-2/26/1953)   (married 12/2/1886)


Robert Parker
Robert Parker
      Ann Parker
      Ann Parker


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