Charles & Ellen Westover





Charles Beal Westover, Jr. was born in Salt Lake City on October 16, 1850.

Ellen Parker was born in Beaver, Utah on February 5, 1860.

Charles and Ellen were married in Washington City on April 22, 1883.

In 1900 census (6/21/1900), Charles & Ellen were living next door to Ellen's parents, Robert and Ann Parker. In
the 1910, census the Westovers were living on Main Street in Washington. Page 244 the book "Under Dixie Sun"
says Charles Westover had a small store directly across and west of Nisson's store. That would be the lot across
from todays post office.
In the book, "Utah's 'Dixie' Birthplace", there is a map showing lot numbers. It may be we can locate the house
they lived in. Lots 6, 7, 11 & 13 of Section 19 and lots 6 & 7 of Section 20.

Charles died in Washington City on January 8, 1921 and was buried in the Washington City Cemetery
on January 11.

Ellen died in Washington City on October 22, 1939 and was buried in the Washington City Cemetery.


Charles' Parents and Siblings:
    Charles Beal Westover
    Eliza Ann Haven Westover
        Charles Haven Westover
        Oscar Fitzland Westover
        Eliza Ann Westover
        Harriet Azalia Westover
        Theressa Maria Westover
        Artemetia "Mishie" Westover  
        John Haven Westover
        William Albert Westover
        Lewis Burton Westover

        Minnie Temple Westover
        Clara Ellen Westover

(11/25/1827-11/4/1919)   (married 10/14/1849)
(10/16/1850-1/8/1921)   (married Ellen Parker)
(11/3/1852-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Elizabeth Annie Xxxxxxxx)
(12/17/1854-3/17/1938)   (married Lemuel Hardison Redd, Jr.)
(1/9/1856-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Charles Grasey)
(1/28/1859-6/10/1899)   (married Charles Edward Thompson Knell)
(1/3/1861-3/10/1926)   (married Leonard Smith Conger)
(6/26/1865-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(5/14/1868-8/28/1966)   (married Eliza Johanna Funk
    and Pearl King Leonhardt)
(11/18/1870-3/24/1945)   (married Arthur Alfred Paxman)

Ellen's Parents and Siblings:
    Robert Parker
    Ann Ruth Hartley Parker
        Maximillian Parker
        Martha Alice Parker
        Margaret Ann Parker
        Arthur Hartley Parker
        Emily Parker
        Ada Parker
        Robert Parker
        Ellen Parker
        Ruth Caroline Parker

(3/19/1820-2/24/1901)   (married 5/24/1843)
(6/8/1844-7/28/1938)   (married Ann Campbell Gillies)
(5/22/1846-12/17/1925)   (married John Stillman Woodbury)
(5/29/1855-5/7/1930)   (married Brigham Young McMullin)
(2/5/1860-10/22/1939)   (married Charles Westover, Jr.)
(4/5/1862-9/2/1945)   (married David McMullin)

Charles & Ellen's Family:
    Charles Beal Westover, Jr.
    Ellen Parker Westover
        Ellen Theresa Westover
        Edgar Leroy Westover
        Charles Herbert Westover
        Hella M. "Nellie" Westover
        Parker Elbridge Westover
        Lawrence Anthony Westover  
        Arthur Haven Westover
        Ruth Westover
        Ralph Westover

(10/16/1850-1/8/1921)   (married 4/22/1883)
(11/8/1885-4/6/1937)   (married Mary Ann Beacham)
(4/1/1886-1/4/1940)   (married Esther Adelia Adams)
(5/26/1887-5/25/1966)   (married John David Moss)
(5/10/1890-10/29/1975)   (married Phoebe May Averett)
(8/21/1892-10/24/1980)   (married Delpha Jolley)
(2/23/1897-8/30/1988)   (married Samuel Melvin Wittwer)
(2/23/1897-8/24/1956)   (married Alta Celcilia Oakley and Rosamond Snow)


Charles Westover, Jr.
Charles Westover, Jr.


Charles Westover
A research report by Elaine Young, PhD.

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