Arthur & Minnie Paxman



(flour miller, farmer, peddler, minister, elected official)


Arthur Alfred Paxman was born in Bishops Stortford, Hertferd, England on October 13, 1865.

In July of 1870, the Paxman family (including four children of Elizabeth by a former marriage) emigrated from England to Utah. Shortly after arriving in Salt Lake, Pres. Brigham Young asked the family to go down and settle in Southern Utah. David's four stepchildren and George stayed in Salt Lake, but David, Elizabeth, and the other four children made the move.

David ran the flour mill in Washington for all his working years. Arthur helped his father in the mill and learned the trade. After the death of Arthur's mother, his father married a widow, Frederika Thompson on February 21, 1885. She had a little daughter, Cora.

Arthur married Minnie Westover in the St. George Temple on her 17th birthday, November 18, 1887.

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Arthur left on a misson on October 4, 1899. He was assigned to the Ohio Conference of the Southern States Mission. There he served for about two years, returning in 1901.

During the latter part of Arthur's mission, Minnie worked as a cook out at the Grand Gulch Mine on the Arizona Strip. She took the three younger children with her, but Alice stayed with the Westover grandparents so that she could go to school. After Arthur returned from his mission, he was offered a job out at the Grand Gulch Mine and he worked there briefly. But the Paxmans soon moved back to Washington to have Alice join them.

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Shortly after returning from his mission, Arthur was called into the bishopric of the Washington Ward. He served in that bishopric for the rest of his life. He was the Second Counselor to Bishop Andrew Sproul Sr. and Andrew Hyrum Larson was First Counselor. When Calvin Hall was put in as Bishop of the Washington Ward, Arthur was selected as First Counselor. In 1924, Bishop Hall resigned and on September 21 Arthur was made Bishop with Victor Iverson and John Tanner as his counselors.

In the Fall of 1906 and again in 1912, Arthur was elected County Assessor on the Democratic ticket. Later, he was appointed Justice of the Peace in Washington. In 1914, he won the election for County Attorney. On November 7, 1916, Arthur was elected State Representative from Washinton County and served in the capacity for two years.

Arthur served on the Washington County Council of Defense.


Arthur's Parents and Siblings:
    David Paxman
    Elizabeth Ann Blunden Paxman
        George Paxman
        Rhoda Esther Paxman
        Emily "Em" Paxman
        Elizabeth Paxman
        Hyrum Paxman
        Arthur Alfred Paxman
        Ellnon Paxman
        Alice Paxman

(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married 7/22/1854)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Gason/Gearson Bastian)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married James E. Turner)
(10/13/1865-3/28/1925)   (married Minnie Temple Westover)

Minnie's Parents and Siblings:
    Charles Beal Westover
    Eliza Ann Haven Westover
        Charles Haven Westover
        Oscar Fitzland Westover
        Eliza Ann Westover
        Harriet Azalia Westover
        Theressa Maria Westover
        Artemetia "Mishie" Westover
        John Haven Westover
        William Albert Westover
        Lewis Burton Westover

        Minnie Temple Westover
        Clara Ellen Westover

(11/25/1827-11/4/1919)   (married 10/14/1849)
(10/16/1850-1/8/1921)   (married Ellen Parker)
(11/3/1852-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Elizabeth Annie Xxxxxxxx)
(12/17/1854-3/17/1938)   (married Lemuel Hardison Redd, Jr.)
(1/9/1856-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Charles Grasey)
(1/28/1859-6/10/1899)   (married Charles Edward Thompson Knell)
(1/3/1861-3/10/1926)   (married Leonard Smith Conger)
(6/26/1865-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(5/14/1868-8/28/1966) (married Eliza Johanna Funk
    and Pearl King Leonhardt)
(11/18/1870-3/24/1945)   (married Arthur Alfred Paxman)

Arthur & Minnie's Family:
    Arthur Alfred Paxman
    Minnie Temple Westover Paxman  
        Alice Eliza Paxman
        Arthur Alfred Paxman, Jr.
        Charles Haven Paxman
        Hattie Azalia Paxman
        Golden David Paxman
        Minnie Elizabeth Paxman
        Lula Paxman
        Lynn Westover Paxman

(10/13/1865-3/28/1925)   (married 11/18/1887)
(4/9/1889-2/3/1940)   (married Louis Romney Lund)
(9/18/1891-3/12/1962)   (married Mary Ann McAllister and Linna Snow)
(4/22/1894-7/16/1973)   (married Eva Pearl Alger)
(12/31/1896-7/27/1951)   (married Bert Webb)
(2/4/1903-9/14/1952)   (married Rokah Tanner)
(9/11/1905-10/30/1982)   (married Lorenzo Power Vincent)
(10/13/1908-12/15/1979)   (married James Clark Chadburn)
(5/18/1912-3/23/1992)   (married Arline Estella Webb,
    Flora Gwen Jenkins, and Ethel Riordan)


Arthur Alfred Paxman
Young Arthur
      Arthur Alfred Paxman
      Older Arthur
      Minnie Westover Paxman

Paxman Family
Left to right:   Haven, Hattie, Alice (back), Minnie, and Artie about 1899

Photos on the web:
Arthur Alfred Paxman in the Utah House of Representatives
Arthur Alfred Paxman in the Washington County Council of Defense


"And Some Are Given Other Talents"
A Life History of Arthur A. Paxman
by Eva A. Paxman and Audrey P. Tobler

"Stoop To Help - Stand Tall In Pride"
A Life Story of Minnie W. Paxman
by Minnie P. Vincent

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