David & Ruth McMullin



(farmer and stonemason)


David McMullin was born in Weber County, Utah on June 10, 1856.

Ruth Caroline Parker was born in Beaver, Beaver County, Utah on April 5, 1862. She moved to Washington
with her parents in 1873 at age 11. She attended school there.

David and Ruth were married in St. George on January 26, 1882. They settled in Leeds where they raised
their children.

In 1886, David was called to the Northwestern Mission where he served until 1888. Ruth tended the home,
farm, and children while he was away.

In 1919, Ruth organized the Leeds Relief Society.

David died in Leeds on April 7, 1939 and was buried in the Leeds Cemetery.

Ruth died in Leeds on September 2, 1945 and was buried in the Leeds Cemetery.


David's Parents and Siblings:
    Willard Glover McMullin
    Martha Richards McMullin
        Willard Glover McMullin
        Brigham Young McMullin
        Ira Spaulding McMullin
        David McMullin

(2/21/1823-10/17/1884)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(3/29/1851-12/21/1927)   (married Ada Parker)
(xx/xx/1852-x/xx/1932)   (married Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx)
(6/10/1856-4/7/1939)   (married Ruth Caroline Parker)

Ruth's Parents and Siblings:
    Robert Parker
    Ann Ruth Hartley Parker
        Maximillian Parker
        Martha Alice Parker
        Margaret Ann Parker
        Arthur Hartley Parker
        Emily Parker
        Ada Parker
        Robert Parker
        Ellen Parker
        Ruth Caroline Parker

(3/29/1820-2/24/1901)   (married 5/24/1843)
(6/8/1844-7/28/1938)   (married Ann Campbell Gillies)
(5/22/1846-12/17/1925)   (married John Stillman Woodbury)
(5/29/1855-5/7/1930)   (married Brigham Young McMullin)
(2/5/1860-10/22/1939)   (married Charles Westover, Jr.)
(4/5/1862-9/2/1945)   (married David McMullin)

David & Ruth's Family:
    David McMullin
    Ruth Caroline Parker McMullin  
        Annice Ann "Nan" McMullin
        Robert Wallace McMullin
        Arthur M. McMullin
        Mark Cleveland McMullin
        Frank Parker McMullin
        Ellen McMullin
        Martha Myrtle McMullin
        Glen McMullin
        Marguerite M. McMullin

(6/10/1856-4/7/1939)   (married 1/26/1882)
(1/19/1883-5/21/1943)   (married Daniel Sinclair Parker)
(5/12/1884-5/22/1951)   (married Sarah Jane Pritchard)
(1/10/1889-9/24/1968)   (married Grace Grower)
(10/13/1890-2/23/1977)   (married Sarah Elizabeth Shrontz)
(3/12/1893-1/22/1978)   (married Franklin Sullivan)
(5/16/1901-2/26/1979)   (married Daniel Duncan McMullin
    and Joseph Stirling)


Ruth, Marguerite, and David McMullin
Ruth, Marguerite (3 years old), and David
      Ruth and Marguerite McMullin
      Ruth and Marguerite

Ruth McMullin


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