Lorenzo W. McGregor, M.D.



(9th medical doctor in St. George)


59 North 100 West
St. George, Utah
Telephone 169     in the 1941 telephone book


Lorenzo Watson McGregor was born April 19, 1909 to Donald A. & Alma W. McGregor.

In 1931, Lorenzo and his brother, Alpine, entered Baltimore Medical College (University of Maryland), following in their father's (Dr. Donald A. McGregor) footsteps. Lorenzo ("Dr. L.W.") and Alpine ("Dr. A.W.") McGregor graduated together with honors. These two brothers were just finishing their internships in Los Angeles in 1936 when their father suffered a heart attack. This left the people of Washington County without enough medical help, and after the California Medical Board granted the McGregor Brothers permission to leave their program a month early, they returned to St. George to take over their father's practice and the McGregor Hospital there.

Alpine and Lorenzo expanded the size of the hospital and practiced medicine there together until Lorenzo died on August 26, 1953. Lorenzo is buried on Plot C-30-4-5 of the St. George City Cemetery.

Dr. Lorenzo W. McGregor had a son, Lorenzo "Mac" McGregor.


Parents and Siblings:
    Donald Alpine McGregor
    Alma Gertrude Watson McGregor  
        Wanda McGregor
        LaBerta McGregor
        Alpine Watson McGregor
        Gertrude McGregor
        Lorenzo Watson McGregor
        Karma McGregor
        Mary McGregor

(4/9/1876-10/11/1938)   (married 11/21/1895)
(12/5/1896-10/30/1989)   (married Karl Nelson Snow)
(9/18/1898-4/19/1984)   (married Benjamin Pace Sorenson)
(8/8/1902-1/15/1986)   (married Merle Sevy, Mae Elizabeth McClain, and Berneice Holt)
(3/3/1904-6/6/2000)   (married Joseph McArthur)
(4/19/1908-8/26/1953)   (married Minnie Hafen)
(7/20/1910-9/24/2005)   (married Ellis Savage McAllister)
(2/3/1913-3/18/2006)   (married Leo Glen Killian)

Wife and Children:
    Minnie Hafen McGregor
        Annie Laurie McGregor
        Lorenzo Watson McGregor
        Jerrie Lynne McGregor

(9/2/1906-1/16/1953)   (married 6/11/1930)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Kenneth William Baker)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Ruth Simkins)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Alfred John Henry and Raymond Andrj Roman)


WCHS photos:
WCHS-01373   Photo of Lorenzo W. "Mac" McGregor's 4th grade class at St. George Elementary School
WCHS-01537   Photo of Alpine W. McGregor MD, Lorenzo W. McGregor MD, and Donald A. McGregor MD
WCHS-01924   Photo of Dr. Lorenzo W. McGregor with some pilots


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