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In 1913, Dr. Donald A. McGregor moved from Beaver to St. George. He was a surgeon and soon set up the Washington County Hospital in a 2-story home in downtown St. George. In 1917, the hospital's name was changed to the McGregor Hospital in the doctor's honor. It was operated by the McGregor family until 1952.

In 1952, Washington County residents pooled their resources to build and open the Dixie Pioneer Memorial Hospital replacing the old McGregor Hospital.

In 1975, the Dixie Pioneer Memorial Hospital was expanded to accomodate regional growth and became the Dixie Medical Center.

In 1976, Washington County selected Intermountain Healthcare to purchase and operate Dixie Medical Center.

In 1990, the facility was renamed Dixie Regional Medical Center (DRMC).

This hospital was replaced in 2003 by the new Dixie Regional Medical Center - River Road Campus. The old hospital was retained as a supplementary DRMC 400 East Campus.

The Dixie Regional Medical Center was renamed the St. George Regional Hospital in December of 2020. There was a lot of controversy around the renaming.


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