Orin Woodbury Home



St. George, Utah


84 South 100 East                       (previously 86 South 100 East)
St. George, UT 84770
Not in the 1941 telephone book
Telephone 425                             in the 1954 telephone book     (Grant B Harris; 86 South 100 East)
Telephone ORchard 3-2024         in the 1958 telephone book     (Grant B Harris; 86 South 100 East)
Not in the 1961 telephone book
Telephone 673-4931                     in the 1972 telephone book     (May Flowers; 84 South 100 East)

Plat A, Block 15, Lot 1 on the old pioneer map of St. George.

37° 6' 24.55" North Latitude,   113° 34' 53.50" West Longitude
37.106818° North Latitude,   113.581525° West Longitude
2,728 feet (831 meters) MSL




Soon after the pioneers arrived in the St. George Valley in 1862, the city was laid out and each family drew lots for a property. Orin N. Woodbury was given Lot 1 on the southeast corner of Block 15 (the northwest corner of the intersection of 100 East and 100 South) and that is where they lived.

Formal title to the land wasn't obtained until 1872 when the United States granted title to Joseph W. Young in trust for the inhabitants of St. George. In turn, Robert Gardner, Mayor of St. George, gave title to the aforementioned lot to Orin N. Woodbury in 1875 for the sum of $5.00.

Orin N. Woodbury turned the title over to his wife, Ann Cannon Woodbury, in 1887 for the nominal consideration of $1.00.

Ann Cannon Woodbury sold the property to James L. Bunting in 1906 for $500.00.

James L. Bunting lost the property to his wife, Esther C. Bunting, during a divorce in 1906. She changed her name to Esther C. Mayer.

Esther C. Mayer sold the property to Elizabeth A. M. Pickett in 1910 for $775.00. Pickett mortgaged it to the Bank of St. George in 1912 to secure a $300 debt.

Elizabeth A. M. Pickett sold the property to Alexander B. Andrus in 1913 for $1,050.00.

Alexander B. Andrus & Rosilla Andrus sold the property to Emma P. Heaton in 1916 for $1,500.00.

Emma P, Heaton sold the property to Arthur K. Hafen in 1940 for $1,000.00.

Arthur K. & Orilla W. Hafen sold the property to Grant B. & Eleen H. Harris in 1941 for $2,000.00 The Harris' mortgaged the property a numer of times during their ownership. Grant built and operated G. B. Harris Repair Service on the far southern end of the property.

Grant B. & Eleen H. Harris sold the property (which included the house) to Walder C. & Carolyn May in December of 1968 for $10,000.00.

In January of 1969, Walder helped build a Teleflora/FTD flower shop in front of the old home. They owned and operated "May Flowers" for almost 30 years.

Walder ("Walt") built a railroad museum in the attic of the house and many classes of school children climbed up there and saw the railroad and puppet show.

The flower shop became an internet business, "Internet Effects", operated by Walder & Carolyn's son, David C. May.

The granary that came with the house was demolished on May 13, 2010. The home was torn down in October of 2011.

Orin N. Woodbury   (1863 - 1875 - 1887)
Ann Cannon Woodbury   (1887 -1906)
James L. Bunting   (1906 - 1906)
Esther C. Bunting -> Esther C. Mayer   (1906 - 1910)
Elizabeth A. M. Pickett   (1910 - 1913)
Alexander B. & Rosilla Andrus   (1913 - 1916)
Emma P. Heaton   (1916 - 1940)
Arthur K. & Orilla W. Hafen   (1940 - 1941)
Grant B. & Eleen H. Harris   (1941 - May 1968)
Walder C. & Carolyn May   (May 1968 - Present)


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Orin Woodbury Home
WCHS-02497   Front of the home looking northwest

Orin Woodbury Home
WCHS-02498   Looking northwest
        Orin Woodbury Home
        WCHS-02499   Looking southwest
Other WCHS photos:
WCHS-02496     Photo of the Orin N. Woodbury home in St. George
WCHS-02500     Photo of Ann Cannon Woodbury sitting on her front porch
WCHS-02501     Photo of the Orin N. Woodbury home and granary
WCHS-02502     Photo of the granary at the Orin N. Woodbury Home
WCHS-02503     Photo of the May Flowers building with the granary in the background
WCHS-02504     Photo of the May Flowers building with the Woodbury home in the background
WCHS-02506     Photo of David May in the cab of a backhoe about to start the demolition
WCHS-02507     Photo of a backhoe starting to demolish the Orin Woodbury home
WCHS-02508     Photo of the May's Railroad Museum exposed during emolition of the Woodbury home
WCHS-02521     Photo of two ladies in front of the Orin Woodbury home in St. George
WCHS-02522     Photo of the Orin Woodbury home after the front porch and living room were removed


Notes on Orin Nelson Woodbury
mostly from "An Enduring Legacy, Volume 2",   Daughters of Utah Pioneers