Price City Chapel



Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


The Price City Ward served the people of Price, Bloomington, and Atkinville.


The Price City Ward was organized by Erastus Snow on January 18, 1879. Several days later, William Atkin, James A. Larson, and Jonathan Flatt were called as Ward Teachers. At the time, 14 families consisting of 72 Saints were attending including the families of Robert Gardner, Nephi R. Fawcett, Lars James Larson, Alfred Larson, William H. Carpenter, Milo Andrus, Samuel Miles, Benjt P. Wullferstein, William Webb, Jonathan Flatt, William G. Miles, Tarlton Blair, William Atkin, and Henry Atkin.

In 1880, the Price Ward members bought Robert Gardner's rock home for $1,042.00. They used it to hold their church meetings and social events. They raised the money by voluntary subscriptions: Robert Gardner $75, Samuel Miles and sons $100, Archibald Sullivan and son Joseph John $100, Nephi R. Fawcett $60, and William Webb, William F. Butler, William H. Carpenter, Tarlton Blair, William Atkin, Henry Atkin, David H. Cannon, and Jonathan Platt $50 each. Others gave smaller amounts.

On November 18, 1884, the Price Ward was incorporated as an "Ecclesiastical Ward" with Nephi R. Fawcett as President and Director, Archibald Sullivan as Vice-President and Director, William Atkin as Director, George W. Fawcett as Director, William H. Carpenter as Director, Tarlton Blair as Director, Lars J. Larson as Director, and Jonathan Flatt as Director.

On April 25, 1904, the Price City Ward was disorganized and the remaining members were transferred to the Bloomington Branch of the St. George West Ward.


First Bishopric   (January 18, 1879 to ???? ??, 1881)
Robert Gardner,   Bishop   (January 18, 1879 to ???? ??, 1881)
Nephi R. Fawcett,   First Counselor   (January 18, 1879 to ???? ??, 1881)
Lars James Larsen,   Second Counselor   (January 18, 1879 to ???? ??, 1881)

Second Bishopric   (???? ??, 1881 to April 25, 1904)
Nephi R. Fawcett,   Bishop   (???? ??, 1881 to April 25, 1904)
???,   First Counselor   (???? ??, 1881 to April 25, 1904)
???,   Second Counselor   (???? ??, 1881 to April 25, 1904)


Price City Chapel
Robert Gardner rock house used for a church and social hall


"From the Green Hills of England to the Red Hills of Dixie:
The Story of William and Rachel Thompson Atkin"
Book by Reid L. Neilson
with a Forward by Susan Easton Black
Pages 86-87
See the information page.