Sheldon & Vada Grant



(early New Harmony residents)


Sheldon B. Grant was born January 25, 1916 in New Harmony, Utah.

He was only able to attend 8 years of formal schooling. He had a natural talent for writing that was only
realized after his retirement as head grounds keeper at Southern Utah State College (SUSC) in 1980.

Sheldon married Vada Prince on June 8, 1938 and they were sealed in October of that year.

Sheldon served in the Army during World War II where he was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.

After Vada passed away, Sheldon married Mary McCann. They traveled and and enjoyed entertaining.

After Mary's death in 1992, Sheldon married Bonnie Maxwell Folkersen. They met on an Alaskan cruise
and went on seven more cruises together.


Sheldon's Parents and Siblings:
    George Albert Grant
    Clara Naomi Farr Grant
        Afton Farr Grant
        Sheldon B. Grant
        Glenn Albert Grant
        Wilma Grant
        Ina Grant
        George Dallas Grant

        Rodney Darrel Grant
        J. Richard Grant

        Sharon Gaye Grant

(2/17/1891-1/16/1965)   (married 12/23/1912)
(12/29/1913-9/11/1976)   (married Utahna Williams and Lolene Taylor)
(1/25/1916-11/5/2007)   (married Vada Prince)
(12/27/1918-1/17/1970)   (married Beulah Petty and Lucille Duffin)
(9/26/1921-4/29/1991)   (married John Eugene Lynch)
(7/2/1924-12/22/1979)   (married Glen David O'Brien)
(6/26/1926-8/20/2002)   (married Louise Carr, Shirley Nelson,
    and Dorothy ?????)
(4/28/1930-4/11/2000)   (married Ruby Whipple)
(5/23/1935-11/13/2008)   (married Nancy Dix, Vickie Butcher,
    and Agnes Leota Richardson)
(3/12/1938-3/16/2018)   (married Kent Day Morris and Lowell D. Prince)

Vada's Parents and Siblings:
    James Lorenzo Prince
    Rhoda Ann Batty Prince
        James Reed Prince
        Lyle Batty Prince
        Paul Prince
        Sylvia Prince
        Fern Prince
        Vivian Francis Prince
        Vada Prince
        Darce M. Prince

        Rhoda Bea Prince

(1/1/1887-4/3/1972)   (married 1/3/1906)
(5/6/1907-7/2/1981)   (married Laura Christina Johnson)
(12/15/1908-7/9/1992)   (married Venice Williams)
(11/29/1914-7/13/1988)   (married Dean Hoyt Hall)
(9/16/1916-10/30/1994)   (married Horace Adair Hall)
(12/29/1918-3/24/2001)   (married Marva Davis)
(8/5/1920-9/2/1979)   (married Sheldon B. Grant)
(12/22/1924-3/31/2001)   (married Lorna Belle Anderson,
    Camilla Pace, and Donna Faye Sampson)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Warren Platt, Bill Watson,
    and Ted Gubler)

Sheldon & Vada's Family:
    Sheldon B. Grant
    Vada Prince Grant
        Sheldon Kerry Grant
        Rolaine Grant
        Velda Grant

(1/25/1916-11/5/2007)   (married 6/8/1938)
(4/29/1939-8/28/2005)   (married Lana Jean Prince)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Gordon Charles King)


WCHS photos:
WCHS-03085   Photo of Sheldon, Vada, and little Kerry Grant in New Harmony about 1939
WCHS-03086   Photo of Sheldon, Vada, Kerry, and Rolaine Grant
WCHS-03087   Photo of the grave of ??????? with Sheldon & Vada Grant's car in the background
WCHS-03088   Photo of Sheldon B. Grant and his five brothers
WCHS-03943   Photo of S. Kerry Grant and Ronald Prince with Reed Prince's barn in the background
WCHS-03946   Photo of two couger hunters riding on horseback through New Harmony
WCHS-03959   Photo of Sheldon and Vada Grant on horseback
WCHS-03960   Photo of S. Kerry Grant, Rolaine Grant, and Velda Grant
WCHS-03961   Photo of Lana Jean Prince, Rolaine Grant, Verla Pearce, and Velda Grant
WCHS-03962   Photo of S. Kerry Grant pulling Lana Jean Prince and Velda Grant on sleds
WCHS-03976   Photo of K. Candie and Velda Grant on the Marion F. Prince family farm


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Personal History of Sheldon B. Grant
by Sheldon B. Grant
437 pages

Harmony, Fort Harmony, New Harmony, and Surrounding Area
Book by Sheldon Grant, 203 pages
Salt Lake City: Sheldon Grant, 1992, 2001

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