James & Rhoda Prince



(early New Harmony residents)




James' Parents and Siblings:
    James Franklin Prince
    Sarah Elizabeth Redd Prince  
        James Lorenzo Prince
        Clarissa Elizabeth Prince
        Francis Elmer Prince
        George Lawrence Prince
        Antone Benjamin Prince

(12/23/1865-10/15/1898)   (married 12/21/1885)
(1/1/1887-4/3/1972)   (married Rhoda Ann Batty)
(5/25/1888-8/3/1924)   (married George Berry Williams)
(6/5/1891-12/27/1980)   (married Ruth Whipple and Rhoda Ivy Reber)
(11/14/1896-4/17/1977)   (married Vilate Cottam)

Rhoda's Parents and Siblings:
    Matthew Stone Batty
    Martha Elizabeth Willis Batty
        George Matthew Batty
        Encora Elizabeth Batty
        Mary Agnes Batty
        Rosetta Batty
        Joshua Willis Batty
        Rhoda Ann Batty
        Frederick Willis Batty
        Sarah Ellen Batty
        Margaret May Batty
        Clarence Stone Batty
        Tillman Grant Beaty1
        Marcella Batty
        Gwendolyn Batty
        Lovina Batty

(11/8/1850-5/31/1922)   (married 3/10/1875)
(1/5/1876-3/2/1934)   (married Vilate Abigail Fuller)
(10/15/1877-3/5/1960)   (married John Henry Williamson)
(4/28/1879-12/17/1957)   (married Charles Henry Leigh Heyborne)
(12/29/1883-2/2/1955)   (married James Lorenzo Prince)
(12/23/1887-10/18/1933)   (married Christian Christensen)
(4/27/1889-7/2/1969)   (married Alma Chambers Duffin)
(5/2/1891-12/6/1970)   (married Clara Emelia and Mildred Evelyn Thomas)
(1/26/1893-8/4/1936)   (married Mae McKerall)
(10/27/1896-2/27/1979)   (married William Damon Savage)
(10/19/1900-3/15/1976)   (married Frank Albert Savage and George Leslie Reed)

James & Rhoda's Family:
    James Lorenzo Prince
    Rhoda Ann Batty Prince
        James Reed Prince
        Lyle Batty Prince
        Paul Prince
        Sylva Prince
        Fern Prince
        Vivian Francis Prince
        Vada Prince
        Darce M. Prince
        Rhoda Bea Prince

(1/1/1887-4/3/1972)   (married 1/3/1906)
(5/6/1907-7/2/1981)   (married Laura Christina Johnson)
(12/15/1908-7/9/1992)   (married Venice Williams)
(11/29/1914-7/13/1988)   (married Dean Hoyt Hall)
(9/16/1916-10/30/1994)   (married Horace Adair Hall)
(12/29/1918-3/24/2001)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(8/5/1920-9/2/1979)   (married Sheldon B. Grant)
(12/22/1924-3/31/2001)   (married Lorna Belle Anderson, Camilla Pace, and Donna Faye Sampson)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Warren Platt, Bill Watson, and Ted Gubler)

1 It is unknown when or why Tillman changed the spelling of his last name, but Beaty is on his gravestone.


WCHS photos:
WCHS-03952   Photo of Sylva Prince and Dean H. Hall when they were courting
WCHS-03953   Photo of Rhoda Prince and her son, Darce
WCHS-03954   Photo of Darce Prince
WCHS-03955   Photo of four of the James & Rhoda Prince children (Sylva, Fern, Darce, and Bea)
WCHS-03956   Photo of Darce Prince, Vada Prince, and their dog, Socks
WCHS-03957   Photo of Dorthy ??????, Vada Prince, and Fern Prince
WCHS-03958   Photo of Rhoda Prince with three of her children (Vada, Fern, and Darce)
WCHS-04033   Photo of a crocheted afghan honoring the life of James Lorenzo Prince


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