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Antone Benjamin Prince was born in New Harmony on November 14, 1896.

He was Deputy County Extension Agent for the federal government.

Antone became sheriff in June 1936, very shortly after Sheriff John Cottam died. The Washington County News, at the time a weekly publication, carried news of the new sheriff in their edition of June 25, 1936. He was defeated in the election on November 2, 1954 and thus was out of office by 1955.

The Prince family lived at:

    198 East 100 North
    St. George, Utah
    Telephone 106                           in the 1941 telephone book

    333 North 100 East
    St. George, Utah
    Telephone ORchard 3-3283     in the 1958 telephone book
    Telephone ORchard 3-3283     in the 1961 telephone book
    Telephone 673-3283                 in the 1972 telephone book

Sheriff Prince was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Utah State Association of County Officials in 1951. Then in 1952, he was elected Vice President and in 1953, President.

Prince died in St. George on April 17, 1977. He is buried in Plot C-29-26-6 of the St. George City Cemetery.


Parents and Siblings:
    James Franklin Prince
    Sarah Elizabeth Redd Prince  
        James Lorenzo Prince
        Clarissa Elizabeth Prince
        Francis Elmer Prince
        George Lawrence Prince
        Antone Benjamin Prince

(12/23/1865-10/15/1898)   (married 12/21/1885)
(1/1/1887-4/3/1972)   (married Rhoda Ann Batty)
(5/25/1888-8/3/1924)   (married George Berry Williams)
(6/5/1891-12/27/1980)   (married Ruth Whipple and Rhoda Ivy Reber)
(11/14/1896-4/17/1977)   (married Vilate Cottam)

Wife and Children:
    Vilate Cottam Prince
        Virginia Prince
        Clayton Antone Prince
        Robert Alpine Prince
        James Cottam Prince

(3/6/1895-8/7/1986)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(12/8/1916-2/19/2008)   (married Wilmer N. Anderson)
(2/17/1920-5/19/2012)   (married Virginia Joy Anderson)
(1/26/1924-12/19/1960)   (married Marianne Graff)
(xx/xx/1939-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Marsha Xxxxxxxx)


Antone B. Prince
WCHS-01599   Very young
        Antone B. Prince
        WCHS-01598   1907
        Antone B. Prince
        WCHS-01597   1915
        Antone B. Prince
        WCHS-01594   Adult
Other WCHS photos:
WCHS-01593     Photo of Antone B. Prince
WCHS-01595     Photo of Antone B. Prince with prisoner Vae Monroe Fenley and deputy Art Mitchell
WCHS-01596     Photo of Antone B. Prince as an officer of the State Association of Elected Officials.
WCHS-01600     Photo of Antone, Vilate, and Sarah Prince in New Harmony

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Antone B. Prince


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