George & Clara Grant



(early New Harmony residents)


George Albert "Bert" Grant was born in New Harmony on February 17, 1891.

Clara Naomi Farr was born in Salem, Utah on January 10, 1896.

George & Clara were married in Richfield, Utah on December 23, 1912.

George died in New Harmony on January 16,1965 and was buried on January 19 in the New Harmony

Clara died in Cedar City on October 10, 1974 and was buried in the New Harmony Cemetery.


George's Parents and Siblings:
    Edmund Carbine Grant
    Emily Jane Adair Grant
        Edmund Leroy Grant

        Eleanor Grant Grant
        Emily Adelia Grant
        George Albert Grant
        Pansey Grant
        Floyd Grant
        Rosamond Grant
        Gladys Grant

(9/11/1858-10/16/1949)   (married 2/4/1885)
(11/21/1885-5/24/1962)   (married Sarah Elizabeth Imlay
    and Mary Amelia Prince)
(3/21/1887-2/17/1917)   (married John Alexander Condie)
(1/14/1889-10/23/1989)   (married James Deitrick Neilson)
(2/17/1891-1/16/1965)   (married Clara Naomi Farr)
(12/15/1895-12/8/1982)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(9/30/1899-2/22/1936)   (married Lester Iverson)

Clara's Parents and Siblings:
    Franklin John Elbridge Farr
    Sarah Eliza Evans Farr
        Clara Naomi Farr
        Zella Vera Farr
        Franklin Burnell Farr
        Sarah Ann Farr

        Nelda Louise Farr

(3/12/1874-2/25/1934)   (married 11/19/1896)
(1/10/1896-10/10/1974)   (married George Albert Grant)
(11/20/1898-11/22/1977)   (married Maurice Richard Tervort)
(4/17/1900-1/11/1958)   (married Margurette Ann Ballard)
(8/6/1902-12/6/1973)   (married Maynard Evans Wellard
    and Leonard Leroy McCune)
(9/3/1908-8/22/1988)   (married William David King)

George & Clara's Family:
    George Albert Grant
    Clara Naomi Farr Grant
        Afton Farr Grant
        Sheldon B. Grant
        Glenn Albert Grant
        Wilma Grant
        Ina Grant
        George Dallas Grant

        Rodney Darrel Grant
        J. Richard Grant

        Sharon Gaye Grant

(2/17/1891-1/16/1965)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(12/29/1913-9/11/1976)   (married Utahna Williams and Lolene Taylor)
(1/25/1916-11/5/2007)   (married Vada Prince)
(12/27/1918-1/17/1970)   (married Beulah Petty and Lucille Duffin)
(9/26/1921-4/29/1991)   (married John Eugene Lynch)
(7/2/1924-12/22/1979)   (married Glen David O'Brien)
(6/26/1926-8/20/2002)   (married Louise Carr, Shirley Nelson,
    and Dorothy ?????)
(4/28/1930-4/11/2000)   (married Ruby Whipple)
(5/23/1935-11/13/2008)   (married Nancy Dix, Vickie Butcher,
    and Agnes Leota Richardson)
(3/12/1938-3/16/2018)   (married Kent Day Morris and Lowell D. Prince)


WCHS photos:
WCHS-03088   Photo of the six sons of George Albert & Clara Grant


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