John & Effie Higgins



(St. George residents)


John Higgins owned a barber shop in the Snow building. He also owned a men's clothing store called
"The J & E Toggery" (named for John & Effie) in that building. When Higgins moved to Boulder City NV, his
brother-in-law, Glenn Prisbrey, owned and operated the barber shop. Glenn Prisbrey's wife, Jessie, was
John Higgins' sister. Clark Nelson shined shoes there as a youngster. Blaine Fawcett was the other barber.

In Nevada, John Higgins held the position of Speaker of the Assembly. Nevada had only one house of
government so the Speaker of the Assembly is likened to the Speaker of the House. At one time, John Higgins
served as Governor Pro-Tem.


John's Parents and Siblings:
    Francis Enoch Higgins
    Agnes Gray McMurtrie Higgins  
        Frank Gardner Higgins
        Jeanette McMurtrie Higgins

        John McMurtrie Higgins
        Leo Higgins
        Bessie Higgins
        Vilate Higgins
        Evadeen Higgins
        Ada Higgins

        Marie Higgins
        Jessie Gray Higgins

(7/29/1861-9/xx/1932)   (married 5/21/1884)
(2/27/1885-8/18/1956)   (married May Barnett)
(9/23/1886-12/4/1976)   (married LeRoy Jay, Thomas Bithel,
    John Alsop, Wilard Nisson, and Ivie Stratton)
(5/11/1888-4/26/1959)   (married Effie Worthen and Mona Woodbury)
(10/2/1889-10/5/1955)   (married Beulah Barnett)
(5/7/1891-5/5/1974)   (married Wilford Thompson and Waite D. Barnes)
(4/8/1893-1/1/1968)   (married Lee Lewis)
(10/14/1895-11/2/1977)   (married George Bramett and Ralph Boziene)
(2/11/1898-10/29/1968)   (married Bernard Secrest, Scott Christinson,
    and Leo Heinz)
(1/12/1902-12/14/1982)   (married Glenn Mathis Prisbrey)

Effie's Parents and Siblings:
    Joseph Smith Worthen
    Mary Jane Heaps Worthen
        Sarah Jane Worthen
        Mary Alice Worthen
        Joseph Smith Worthen, Jr.  
        Louise Worthen
        William Worthen
        Nellie Worthen
        George H Worthen
        Zaidee Worthen
        Effie Worthen
        Claude Worthen

(10/2/1845-10/19/1921)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(12/14/1871-9/21/1931)   (married James Joseph Booth)
(5/14/1874-6/9/1913)   (married David Jacob Bryner)
(2/10/1875-3/29/1946)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(2/12/1877-1/30/1968)   (married Wilford Goff)
(4/2/1879-11/22/1933)   (married Mary Ann Cox)
(12/23/1881-6/17/1948)   (married George W. Baker)
(4/12/1884-12/21/1963)   (married Cloie L. Sanders)
(1/7/1887-11/29/1948)   (married John Karl Eardley)
(2/4/1889-2/5/1952)   (married John Higgins)
(3/1/1891-1/7/1964)   (married Ruth Fawcett)

John & Effie's Family:
    John McMurtrie Higgins
    Effie Worthen Higgins
        Clark Worthen Higgins
        Cleo Higgins
        [Baby Daughter] Higgins  
        Beverly Higgins

(5/11/1888-4/26/1959)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(11/14/1908-3/19/1987)   (married Mary Lee)
(6/29/1913-7/12/2010)   (married Rex M. Nelson)
(xx/xx/xxxx-2/25/2008)   (married Doug Baker)

John & Mona:
    John McMurtrie Higgins
    Mona Woodbury Higgins

(5/11/1888-4/26/1959)   (married 6/15/1953)


WCHS photos:
WCHS-01361     Photo of the 1927-28 Dixie High basketball team with John Higgins
WCHS-01366     Photo of the 1928-29 Dixie High basketball team with Rex Nelson and John Higgins
WCHS-01367     Photo of the 1928-29 Dixie High basketball team with John Higgins at the St. George Airport
WCHS-01377     Photo of Cleo Higgins at age 12
WCHS-01378     Photo of John & Effie Higgins
WCHS-01390     Photo of John "Jack" Higgins in the Nevada Governor's office
WCHS-01392     Photo of Cleo Higgins at age 18
WCHS-01419     Photo of Clark Worthen Higgins holding a violin case
WCHS-02311     Photo of Cleo Higgins Nelson Waite, Clark Worthen Higgions, and Beverly Higgins Baker
WCHS-02312     Photo of Beverly Higgins Baker
WCHS-02313     Photo of Beverly Higgins Baker in graduation robes
WCHS-02314     Photo of Beverly Higgins [Baker] in cowgirl hat & boots
WCHS-02315     Photo of Beverly Higgins [Baker] in a costume
WCHS-02316     Photo of Clark Worthen Higgins & Beverly Higgins [Baker]
WCHS-02317     Photo of Beverly Higgins [Baker] and Corinne Esplin [Bowler]
WCHS-02318     Photo of Beverly Higgins [Baker] in baton twirler costume
WCHS-03304     Photo of Clark Worthen Higgins with his violin
WCHS-03300     Photo of of infant Mary Lee Higgins and very young Larry Ray Nelson
WCHS-04054     Photo of John & Effie Higgins in Scottish garb for a Halloween dance


Francis Enoch & Agnes Gray McMurtrie Higgins family pedigree chart

History of Clark Worthen Higgins
An autobiography of Clark Worthen Higgins. the son of John & Effie Higgins,
    as recorded and digitized by Clark's daughter, Judy Lee Higgins Edwards

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