Don Carlos, Ramona, and Stephen Schmutz



St. George, Utah


Don Carlos Schmutz was born March 18, 1917 in New Harmony, Utah.

Ramona Cannon was born on September 4, 1920 in St. George, Utah.

Don Carlos & Ramona were married on August 2, 1941 in the St. George Temple. They and their family lived in St. George until the late 1950s, when they sold their farm and moved to California.

Their dairy farm was located on the present site of Dixie State College.
279 South 900 East
St. George, Utah
Telephone 386-R     in the 1954 telephone book     (Don Carlos Schmutz)
Ramona died on January 31, 1975 in Las Vegas NV and was buried in Plot C_25_16_4 in the St. George City Cemetery.

Don Carlos died on November 4, 2010 in Hemet CA and was buried in the St. George City Cemetery.


Don Carlos' Parents and Siblings:
    Donald Schmutz
    Amber Timothy Schmutz
        Don Carlos Schmutz
        Fawn Schmutz
        Milton David Schmutz
        Stanton Eugene Schmutz

(10/6/1889-9/18/1983)   (married 12/5/1916)
(3/18/1917-11/4/2010)   (married Ramona Cannon)
(6/8/1919-9/18/2016)   (married Evan Spencer Pickett)
(10/31/1923-11/23/2014)   (married Elaine Cannon and Kathleen Stivers)
(5/20/1928-5/26/2016)   (married Joyce Nielsen)

Ramona's Parents and Siblings:
    Walter Cannon
    Leah Sullivan
        Howard Walter Cannon
        Evelyn Cannon
        Ramona Cannon
        Ellen Cannon

(7/5/1888-8/15/1957)   (married 6/9/1909)
(1/26/1912-3/5/2002)   (married Dorothy Pace)
(8/26/1917-3/11/2008)   (married George M. Jay)
(9/4/1920-1/31/1975)   (married Don Carlos Schmutz)

Don Carlos & Ramona's Family:
    Don Carlos Schmutz
    Ramona Cannon Schmutz
        Stephen Donald Schmutz
        Leann Schmutz
        Spencer Walter Schmutz

(3/18/1917-11/4/2010)   (married 8/2/1941)
(11/27/1942-5/29/2017   (married Inger Birgitta Lundgren)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Dean Weyand Largey)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Gayle Swensen)


Don and Ramona Schmutz Farm Layout         Calantha, the Schmutz Dairy Farm in St. George

        Became part of the new Dixie College campus.

        The silage pit was used to store corn, sugar beets,
        and sugar cane silage for use as cattle feed.


The John Wayne and Susan Hayward movie, "The Conqueror", was being filmed in the area around St. George in 1955. While in St. George, Susan Hayward rented a home from Steve Schmutz' Uncle Terry about 3 or 4 miles from the Schmutz farm. John Wayne rented another house three houses up the street from hers. On the 4th of July, Steve and his cousin, Wally Jay, were invited out to the desert shooting set while Susan's birthday was being celebrated. A photographer took a picture (see WCHS-00111) of the large birthday cake being cut with with John Wayne's big prop sword. That evening, Susan let her twin boys go over to the Schmutz farm for a sleepover on the back lawn. During the night, she had her driver bring her over to the farm to check on her boys. She found all was well and leaned over to kiss them both in their sleeping bags.


Don Carlos & Ramona Schmutz Wedding
Don Carlos & Ramona at Their Wedding (8/2/1941)
        Don Carlos, Ramona, and Stephen Schmutz
        Don Carlos & Ramona, with Stephen (maybe 11/27/1944)

Don Carlos Schmutz
Don Carlos
        Ramona Cannon Schmutz
        Don Carls
        Ramona Cannon Schmutz


Milking Time; The History of Dairy Farming in Washington County, Utah
by Loren R. Webb
pp. 215-218

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