Aaron Johnson Macdonald



(carpenter, druggist)


Aaron Johnson Macdonald was born July 12, 1859 in Springville, Utah Territory, four months after his parents immigrated from Scotland to America.

Aaron's father found employment in Springville and the family lived there for seven years.

In 1866, Aaron's father was called to St. George to manage the construction of the St. George Temple and take charge of the tithing office. Aaron and his brothers worked on the St. George Temple.

From 1877-1879, Aaron, his father, and brother Alec went on a mission to Scotland. Aaron returned to Washington and worked as a carpenter.

Aaron married Julia Ann Ivins on January 12, 1881 in St. George. Aaron went into business with his father-in-law, Dr. Israel Ivins. They ran a drug store in St. George, and later a second store in Silver Reef. His family lived in Silver Reef for a short time and then moved back to St. George. Their son was born in Middleton.

In 1883, Aaron received a contract for doing the wood work on the new building of Guss Ellis & Company in Mesa City, Arizona County, Arizona Territory. Aaron's father had been called to move to Mesa City and was serving as the stake president and mayor there. In 1884, Aaron was injured when he was thrown from a wagon while taking the mail to Phoenix. He suffered a concussion and congestion of the brain, and after four hours, died on July 5, 1884. He was buried in Mesa.


Aaron's Parents and Siblings:
    Alexander Findlay Macdonald
    Elizabeth Graham Macdonald
        Graham Duncan Macdonald  
        Aaron Johnson Macdonald
        Samuel Whitney Macdonald  
        Israel Hope Macdonald
        McRae Macdonald
        Brigham Alma Macdonald
        Smith Macdonald
        Abraham Owen Macdonald

(9/15/1825-3/21/1903)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(7/3/1856-1/27/1908)   (married Ann Gardner)
(7/12/1859-7/5/1884)   (married Julia Ann Ivins)
(2/4/1866-1/1/1902)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)

Julia's Parents and Siblings:
    Israel Ivins
    Julia Hill Ivins
        Israel Hill Ivins
        Julia Ann Ivins
        Sarah Emeline Ivins
        Mariam Emely Ivins
        William Howard Ivins
        Margaret McKean Ivins
        George Franklin Ivins
        Edith May Ivins

(5/19/1815-4/16/1897)   (married 2/12/1857)
(12/2/1860-1/17/1900)   (married Aaron Johnson Macdonald and John Ezra Pace)
(12/18/1866-5/5/1937)   (married Sarah Della Redd)
(3/31/1868-1/14/1928)   (married Joseph Charles Bentley)
(6/8/1873-7/18/1953)   (married Walter Sparks Lamoreaux)

Aaron & Julia's Family:
    Aaron Johnson Macdonald
    Julia Ann Ivins Macdonald
        Aaron LeClaire Macdonald  

(7/12/1859-7/5/1884)   (married 1/12/1881)
(12/17/1881-5/24/1944)   (married Mary Amelia Peart)




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