Julia Ann Ivins



(milliner, midwife)


Julia Ann Ivins was born December 2, 1860 in Salt Lake City.

When she was two years old, her father was called to take his family to the Cotton Mission where they settled in St. George.

Julia married Aaron Johnson Macdonald on January 12, 1881 in St George. Aaron went into business with Julia's father-in-law, Dr. Israel Ivins. They ran a drug store in St. George, and later a second store in Silver Reef. The family lived in Silver Reef for a short time and then moved back to St George. Their son was born in Middleton.

In 1883, Aaron received a contract to do wood work in Mesa City, Arizona County, Arizona Territory. The family moved down there. Aaron's father had been called to move to Mesa City and was serving as the stake president and mayor there. In 1884, Aaron was injured when he was thrown from a wagon while taking the mail to Phoenix. He suffered a concussion and congestion of the brain, and after four hours, died on July 5, 1884. He was buried in Mesa. After Aaronss death, Julia lost a pair of twins, born prematurely, and they were buried beside their father.

Julia received $1,500 from Aaron's life insurance. In September 1884, she left Mesa City with her child and went to Salt Lake City to study obstetrics. She studied under Dr. Ellis Reynolds Shipp (one of the first females to earn a medical degree in Utah Territory). She passed her final examinations in obstetrics, and practiced midwifery in St. George.

Julia married John Ezra Pace in August of 1888. A month after their marriage, she was called on a mission to Ann Arbor, Michigan to complete her medical training. She studied for three years but was unable to finish her course because of heart disease.

Upon her return to the Utah Territory, she began to write poems and articles for various journals and magazines. In 1891, she was a matron at the Brigham Young Academy (a high school at the time but eventually became Brigham Young University).

She served as secretary and treasurer of the Washington County Silk Association, a member of the general board of the Primary Association, a writer for the Young Woman's Journal and the Juvenile Instructor, and won a prize for a poem which Evan Stephens set to music. She was a charter member of the Union Club in St. George and a charter member and vice president of the Utah Women's Press Club (for women engaged in active journalistic or newspaper work). Julia set out to collect information about every known miracle that had been performed in the Mormon Church, with the intent of publishing it in book form.

In 1895, she began caring for her feeble parents. After their deaths in 1895 and 1897, she was the proprietor of the St. George Millinery Store.

Julia died January 17, 1900 at home in her bed, with her five-month old baby in her arms (she left three small children under eight years old). She was buried in Plot A_C_70_2 of the St. George City Cemetery.

Her second husband, John Pace, died Nov.ember 23, 1932 in St George and was buried in Plot A_C_70_5 of the St. George City Cemetery.


Parents and Siblings:
    Israel Ivins
    Julia Hill Ivins
        Israel Hill Ivins
        Julia Anna Ivins
        Sarah Emeline Ivins
        Mariam Emely Ivins
        William Howard Ivins
        Margaret McKean Ivins
        George Franklin Ivins
        Edith May Ivins

(5/19/1815-4/16/1897)   (married 2/12/1857)
(12/2/1860-1/17/1900)   (married as shown below)
(12/18/1866-5/5/1937)   (married Sarah Della Redd)
(3/31/1868-1/14/1928)   (married Joseph Charles Bentley)
(6/8/1873-7/18/1953)   (married Walter Sparks Lamoreaux)

First Husband and Children:
    Aaron Johnson McDonald
        Aaron LeClaire Macdonald  

(7/12/1859-7/5/1884)   (married 1/12/1881)
(12/17/1881-5/24/1944)   (married Mary Amelia Peart)

Second Husband and Children:
    John Ezra Pace
        Jessie Marguerite Pace
        Julia Pace
        Karl Ivins Pace

(7/12/1845-11/23/1932)   (married 8/2/1888)
(3/31/1892-11/22/1983)   (married Archie J. Graham)
(4/24/1897-8/17/1978)   (married Sherman Lamb)
(8/1/1899-8/15/1974)   (married Vonda Williams)




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