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Bloomington Desert Beacon
Eight Months in the Mid-1980s

Cactus Chronicle, The

Color Country Spectrum

Daily Spectrum

Dixie Advocate
September 6, 1901 to 1907 or 1908

Dixie Falcon
September 1901 for a short time

Dixie Sun   (the Dixie College newspaper)

Evening Telegram
April 8, 1879 to ???

Mineral Cactus   (aka The Cactus)
Early 1868 to sometime in 1869

Our Dixie Times
January 22, 1868 to May 13, 1868

Red Desert Digest
March 21, 1993 to November 1993

Rio Virgen Times
May 13, 1868 to 1869

Senior Sampler
November 1989 to Present

Silver Reef Echo   (aka The Pomologist and Silver Reef Echo)
??? to 1878

Silver Reef Miner   (aka The Miner)
1878 to 1882

Southern Star
Around 1898

Southern Utah Free Press and Southern Utah News-Advertiser
1963 to 1972

Southern Utah Sun
January 7, 1986 to the week of June 13, 1987

1973 to Present

Spectrum Advertiser

St. George Enterprise

St. George Juvenile

Tri-State News Advertiser
1963 to 1972

Union   (aka The Union and Village Echo)
June 14, 1878 to March 19, 1898

Utah Pomologist   (aka The Utah Pomologist and Gardner)
April 1, 1870 to ???

May 1864 to June 15, 1865

Virgin Valley Enterprise

Washington County News
June 18, 1898 to July 28, 1900
January 30, 1908 to March 8, 1988


Newspapers also settle the West
Unidentified newspaper article

Southern Utah Memories: Newspapers of Washington County, Utah, 1864 to 1994 - Part 1 of a two-part series,   December 15, 2012
by Loren R. Webb,   December 15, 2012

Southern Utah Memories: Newspapers of Washington County, Utah, 1864 to 1994 - Part Two
by Loren R. Webb,   December 23, 2012

Mary Phoenix
"Dateline: St. George; A Newspaper History"
St. George Magazine

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"A Short History of Dixie Newspapers"

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pp. 162-165

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pp. 303-304

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"Early Utah Journalism: a half century of forensic warfare, waged by the West's most militant press"
Salt Lake City:   Utah State Historical Society
October 1938,   405 pages

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"Early Utah Journalism; A Brief Summary"
Brigham Young University Special Collections Library
November 1983