Loren R. Webb



(educator, journalist, author)


Mr. Loren Webb
2021 President of the Washington County Historical Society


Loren has volunteered to consult on the history of the dairy industry in Washington County; and on the history of mass media between 1861 to 2003 (including Washington County News, The Spectrum, the radio stations that operated during that time period and the two TV stations that had local reporters covering Washington County during that time). He is not current with information about the print media after 2003.


Loren Webb is a native of St. George and grew up working on his father's dairy farm. He graduated from Dixie College in 1977 with an associate's degree, then received his bachelor's degree in journalism and history in 1979 from Brigham Young University. Returning to BYU, he obtained his masters degree in Communications in 1981.

He has worked as a reporter in community journalism for several weekly newspapers in Southern Utah and Southeastern Nevada. He then worked 12.5 years for The Spectrum Newspaper as a reporter. He later went into secondary teaching, and taught English Composition and American Literature for three years at Uintah High School in Vernal, Utah. During his last two years at Uintah High School, he also taught a journalism class, advised the student newspaper, and assisted with editing the Vernal Express, a weekly newspaper in Uintah County.

For the past 10 years, he has taught 7th grade U.S. history in the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nev. He is the author of "Milking Time; The History of Dairy Farming in Washington County, Utah."

Beginning in July 2012 and continuing through January 2014, he wrote a weekly historical feature article under the website heading, "Southern Utah Memories," located on KCSG.com in St. George.

He is an active member of the Washington County Historical Society.


Milking Time; The History of Dairy Farming in Washington County, Utah
Book by Loren R. Webb

Southern Utah Memories
Book by Loren R. Webb