Southern Utah Memories book title



"Southern Utah Memories"

by Loren R. Webb

In this book, educator, journalist, and historian Loren R. Webb chronicles history, events, and people who
influenced the development of southern Utah communities.

Paperback, 9" x 6" x 7/8", 471 Pages
Published by the Legacy Preservation Foundation, St. George, Utah
First Edition (2020)
ISBN-13: 978-1-7359454-0-8
ISBN: 2020922293


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Copies may also be purchased at the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum, 145 North 100 East in St. George,
at the Book Bungalow, 94 West Tabernacle in St. George, and at the Hurricane Valley Museum, 35 West State
in Hurricane.


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  1.The Dixie Wine Mission    7
  2.Interstate 15 and the Scenic Virgin River Gorge  13
  3.The Founding of Pine Valley  19
  4.Life Story of John Harmon “Jay” Ence  23
  5.The Washington City Cotton Mill Factory  31
  6.Zion–Mt. Carmel Tunnel Became a Key Road  37
  7.St. George Temple History  43
  8.Armstrong’s Landing on the Moon Was Highlight of 1969 Scout Jamboree  46
  9.SkyWest Pilot Forgot About Landing Gear  53
10.Father Scanlan Story in Silver Reef  55
11.U & I Sugar History  58
12.James Whitmore and Pipe Springs Tragedy  61
13.James and Maria Davidson’s Tragic Death on Mormon Mesa  66
14.How Utah Got Its Size and Shape  69
15.Bigamy Case  79
16.Anthony W. Ivins Life Story  81
17.Heinrich Hug/Jacob Tobler  87
18.Lack of Adequate Water Doomed Harrisburg Settlement  90
19.Alex Joseph Story  97
20.The Atomic Test Named Dirty Harry  99
21.Earthquake Destroys Town of Hebron102
22.Newspapers of Washington County, Utah, 1864 to 1994. Part One of a Two-Part Series111
23.Newspapers of Washington County, Utah, 1864 to 1994, Part Two120
24.Lytle Ranch Preserve Draws Researchers130
25.Telephone Operator Picketers Get a “Hosing” by Local Men Who Commandeer St. George City
Fire Truck

26.Bloomington: From Broom Factory Site to Utah’s Palm Springs144
27.Life Story of Mormon Pioneer John Madison Chidester156
28.Geiger Counter Murder Story160
29.Duncan’s Retreat Ghost Town Story165
30.Juliet Brier Story167
31.The History of the Dixie College Yearbook172
32.A Brief History of Short Creek on the Utah-Arizona Border174
33.New Year’s Day Tragedy at the Quail Creek Dam180
34.Dixie Photo Studio Story184
35.Dixie Bowl Still Maintains Small-Town Close-Knit Ties192
36.Rockville Replaces “Adventure” Because of Higher and Safer Land196
37.History of Toquerville202
38.My Christmas Hero (By Sharee L. Webb)207
39.Browse Guard Station and the Redwood Tree Comprise Unique Part of Pine Valley Mountain210
40.Mesquite Was Settled as a Farming Community by LDS Pioneer Colonizers215
41.Las Vegas Fort Was Part of Mormon Church Plan to Establish Missions Between Salt Lake City
and San Bernardino

42.Grizzly Bear that Killed 200–300 Head of Cattle was Killed by U.S. Forest Ranger in 1909223
43.Family-Owned Utah Monument Company Approaches 50th Year of Local Service227
44.Beaver Dam Lodge Has Attracted Movie Stars and Common Folk233
45.Prohibition Fails in Utah239
46.Part One–Alan Boyack’s Service in the Law Included Defense Lawyer, Family Lawyer, and State  
Medical Examiner Investigator

47.Part Two–Alan Boyack246
48.Evan Whitehead Investigated Eight Airplane Crashes While Sheriff of Washington County251
49.Trooper’s 20-Year Career Included Service on State Highway 91 and Interstate 15256
50.KDXU was the First Radio Station to Operate in Washington County, Utah264
51.Star-lite Drive-in Provided Big-Screen Summertime Entertainment275
52.Pinto, Utah, Was a Popular Stop Along the Old Spanish Trail279
53.Pintura, Utah, Was Once Part of Three Different Counties284
54.Parke and Emily Cox Were the Driving Force Behind Parke Cox Trucking Company288
55.R&K Bookstore Drew Loyal Patrons from the Tri-State Area296
56.Cemetery and Historical Marker Are Main Reminders of Hamblin Ghost Town Site303
57.Panaca Charcoal Kilns Helped Support Pioche and Bullionville Mines307
58.Coral Canyon Development Realizes the Dream of “If You Build It, They Will Come”310
59.Big Arch Roller Rink Was a Skater’s Paradise315
60.Fort Pearce: A Reminder of Native American and Pioneer Relations318
61.Community Baptist Church: Its Beginning and Growth in St. George322
62.Building of Hurricane Canal Is a Monument to Dedicated Builders326
63.Mount Trumbull Schoolhouse Story330
64.Santa Clara Farmer Still Works the Land at 89334
65.Snow Canyon State Park Was Part of Orval Hafen’s Vision of a Tourist Mecca339
66.Jeff Bradshaw: Remembered as One of St. George’s Finest Athletes345
67.B-52 Bomber Crashes into Square Top Mountain on April 11, 1983348
68.Shonesburg Lingers on in Memory354
69.Cedar Pocket, Arizona: A Popular Camping Spot in the Virgin River Gorge360
70.Southern Utah University Condom Controversy365
71.Ghost Town of Atkinville Once Served as Defacto Headquarters for LDS Church367
72.Drive-Ins Bring Back Nostalgic Look into St. George’s Past374
73.Honeymoon Trail Provided the Way to the St. George Temple for Young Couples379
74.Webb Hill Transformed from Rural Farming Area to Planned Residential Community384
75.The Muddy River Mission Turns Out to Be a Mixture of Success and Failure390
76.Nellie McArthur Gubler: “Elect Lady” of Santa Clara395
77.Thomas Davenport: Parowan Potter, Poet, Music Composer, and Community Leader399
78.Camp Lorenzo: Part of the Cotton Mission404
79.Gunlock State Park, an Off-the-Beaten-Path Gem in the Desert407
80.   Fort Harmony Becomes Mother Community of Washington County413
81.Escalante Oil Well Explosion Kills Ten on March 6, 1935419


Press Release

Review of the Book
By Dr. Douglas D. Alder, St. George, Utah

From ghost towns to drive-in restaurants, new book chronicles local author's 'Southern Utah Memories'
Article in the St. George News, 1/11/2021