Truman O. Angell



(LDS Church architect, architect for the St. George Temple)


Truman Osborn Angell was born in North Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island on June 5, 1810.

As Church Architect, Truman was asked to design a temple in St. George. In his joural he wrote: "I was notified that they wanted a temple for St. George about the size of the Nauvoo Temple. Business crowding me so much, I had to take up the design at sundry times. While the authorities were at St. George, I accomplished the design, and not knowing that it would suit them, I did not follow it out in its specifications and details to my usual full arrangements. The plans were accepted and the building started. In consequence of the lack of my full specifications, I was obliged to visit that place several times at inclement seasons of the year during the erection, which wore upon my system so much that I never have fully recovered myself in strength and ambition."

Truman died in Salt Lake city on October 16, 1887 and was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.


Truman's Parents and Siblings:
    James William Angell
    Phoebe Ann Morton Angell
        Mary Ann Angell
        Jemima Angell

        Solomon Angell

        Hiram Angell
        Truman Osborn Angell

        Washington M. Angell
        Phebe Ann Angell
        Caroline Angell
        James Angell
        Abigail Morton Angell
        Caroline Frances Angell

(10/15/1776-11/2/1850)   (married 3/21/1804)
(6/8/1803-6/27/1882)   (married Brigham Young)
(10/4/1804-7/16/1869)   (married Valentine W. Young,
    William Stringham, and Brigham Young)
(4/21/1806-9/20/1881)   (married Eunice Clark Young, Lucy Ann Fry,
    Lucinda Clark, and Anna Cajsa Johansson)
(6/5/1810-10/16/1887)   (married Polly Ann Johnson,
    Susan Eliza Savage, and Mary Ann Johnson)
(10/12/1813-xx/xx/1883)   (married Dyer Cone Johnson)
(10/3/1825-10/28/1908)   (married David Varner Davis,
    George David Davis, and Joseph Holbrook)




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