Thomas Forsyth



(saw mill operator)


Thomas Forsyth was born September 20, 1813 at Kelso, Roxburyshire, Scotland.

In April of 1839, Thomas was married to Isabella Donald and came to the United States, settling in Port Huron, Michigan.

On August 4, 1844, Thomas was baptized a member of the LDS Church. It was shortly after his baptism that the family moved to Nauvoo. The family migrated west with the Steven Markham Company and arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1850.

In December, 1852, Isabella died at Salt Lake City. Thomas married Mary Browett Holmes on August 20, 1853, in Salt Lake.

By 1865, the Forsyths had moved to Washington County where Thomas operated a shingle mill and a saw mill. The mills were located at the foot of the Pine Valley Mountains, in Forsyth Canyon. It was at the shingle mill that shingles were made for the cotton factory at Washington.

The family eventually settled in Toquerville about 1868.

Thomas died in Toquerville on March 25, 1898 and is buried in the Toquerville City Cemetery.

There is a group picnic area in the Dixie National Forest named for Thomas Forsyth.


Parents and Siblings:
    Thomas Forsyth
    Isabel Jackson Forsyth
        Thomas Forsyth

(6/4/1782-xx/xx/1822)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(9/20/1813-3/25/1898)   (married as shown below)

First Wife and Children:
    Isabella Donald Forsyth
        Thomas Robert Forsyth
        Jennett Agnes Forsyth
        George James Forsyth
        Isabella Jean Forsyth
        Marianne "Minnie" Forsyth
        Cornelius "Neil" Donald Forsyth
        Savilla Delina Forsyth

(3/17/1819-12/15/1852)   (married 4/1/1839)
(9/10/1840-3/14/1928)   (married Fredonia Melissa Goheen)
(9/29/1842-7/28/1894)   (married James Alma Cunningham)
(5/23/1844-2/6/1927)   (married Sarah Sophronia Snow)
(1/2/1846-2/6/1933)   (married John Sneddon Barnard)
(4/6/1848-7/30/1912)   (married Charles William Seegmiller)
(8/4/1849-6/2/1922)   (married Sophia Elizabeth Harrison)

Second Wife and Children:
    Mary Browett Forsyth1
        George Joseph Holmes Browett Forsyth  
        Mary Forsyth
        Baby Forsyth
        Christina "Tina" Forsyth
        William Browett Holmes Forsyth
        Helenora "Ellenora" Forsyth
        Agnes Browett Forsyth
        Benjamin Henry Forsyth

(6/25/1823-6/18/1915)   (married 8/20/1853)
(3/17/1855-3/21/1947)   (married Mary Ellen Watts)
(3/28/1857-11/27/1938)   (married Brigham Young Jarvis)
(12/9/1858-9/12/1950)   (married Issac Chauncey Macfarlane)
(11/8/1860-3/12/1898)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(10/10/1865-2/1/1953)   (married Jedediah Foss Woolley)
(11/18/1868-7/19/1948)   (married Sarah Adelaide Twitchell Duffin and Barbara Ann Lamb)

1 Mary Browett was previously married to George Holmes who died in 1851.


Thomas Forsyth
Thomas Forsyth
        Isabella Forsyth
        Isabella Forsyth

WCHS Photos:
WCHS-02285     Photo of Jennett Agnes Forsyth Cunningham
WCHS-02286     Photo of George James & Sarah Sophronia Snow Forsyth
WCHS-02287     Photo of Charles William Seemiller, Sr.
WCHS-02288     Photo of the Charles William & Minnie Forsyth Seegmiller Family (Part 1)
WCHS-02289     Photo of the Charles William & Minnie Forsyth Seegmiller Family (Part 2)
WCHS-02290     Photo of Isabella Jean Forsyth Barnard
WCHS-02291     Photo of Mariamne Forsyth
WCHS-02292     Photo of Mariamne Forsyth Seegmiller & Family
WCHS-02293     Photo of Mariamne "Minnie" Forsyth Seegmiller
WCHS-02294     Photo of Cornelius "Neil" Donald Forsyth
WCHS-02295     Photo of Cornelius "Neil" Donald Forsyth
WCHS-02296     Photo of Sophia Elizabeth Harrison Forsyth
WCHS-02297     Photo of Neil Donald Forsyth holding his daughter, Isabelle
WCHS-02298     Photo of Mary Browett Holmes Forsyth
WCHS-02299     Photo of George Joseph Forsyth
WCHS-02300     Photo of Mary Forsyth Jarvis in her 20s
WCHS-02301     Photo of Mary Forsyth Jarvis
WCHS-02302     Photo of Christiana Forsyth Macfarlane
WCHS-02303     Photo of William Browett Holmes Forsyth
WCHS-02304     Photo of Benjamin Henry Forsyth


Biography and home description of Thomas Forsyth
by Lucy Forsyth Phelps

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