Charles William & Marianne Forsyth Seegmiller



(pioneer, wagoneer, tanner, farmer)


Charles William Seegmiller was born January 2, 1843 in Manheim or Baden, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Marianne (or Marianme, or Mariamne) "Minnie" Forsyth was born April 6, 1848 in Keg Creek, Pottawattamie, Iowa

On July 19, 1866, shortly after arriving in Salt Lake city, Charles was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His mother and sister had joined the church twelve days earlier.

Charles married Marianne on February 1, 1868 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.

In the fall of 1868, Charles and his brother Dan were called to Dixie to run the Tannery. After arriving there, Charles & Minnie visited with her folks at Toquerville for a short time, and while there they were called to go to the Muddy Mission in Nevada, to take his brother Adam's place there, as Adam had been called to go to St. George, Utah to help run the Tannery.

After being released from the Muddy MIssion, some two or three years later, they came to St. George for about a year, then he went to Prattville, Sevier County, Utah where they lived until the spring of 1877, when Charles returned to St. George to care for his mother, whose health was failing. They continued to reside in his mother’s home, which she had previously purchased from Thomas Judd.

Marianne died July 30, 1912 in St. George.

Charles died in May 4, 1946 in St George. He is buried in Plot A-E-123-5 of the St. George City Cemetery.


Charles' Parents and Siblings:
    Johann Adam Seegmuller
    Anna Eva Knechtel
        Elizabeth Seegmiller
        Daniel Seegmiller
        Adam Frederick Seegmiller
        Anna Seegmiller
        Charles William Seegmiller
        William Henry Seegmiller
        Louisiana Seegmiller
        Caroline Seegmiller
        Amelia Seegmiller
        Louis John Seegmiller
        Mary Louise Seegmiller

(9/5/1807-11/5/1859)   (married 8/24/1834)
(8/29/1835-3/18/1874)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(12/6/1836-7/23/1899)   (married Ellen Smith, Artimesia Snow, and Emma Isabella Carroll)
(6/29/1839-10/6/1920)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(1/31/1841-9/18/1931)   (married Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx)
(1/2/1843-5/4/1946)   (married Marianne "Minnie" Forsyth)
(12/19/1843-9/1/1934)   (married Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx)
(4/2/1847-3/12/1926)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(10/16/1852-9/5/1871)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)

Minnie's Parents and Siblings:
    Thomas Forsyth
    Isabella Donald Forsyth
        Thomas Robert Forsyth
        Jennett Agnes Forsyth
        George James Forsyth
        Isabella Jean Forsyth
        Marianne "Minnie" Forsyth1
        Cornelius "Neil" Donald Forsyth
        Savilla Delina Forsyth

(9/20/1813-3/25/1898)   (married 4/1/1839)
(9/10/1840-3/14/1928)   (married Fredonia Melissa Goheen)
(9/29/1842-7/28/1894)   (married James Alma Cunningham)
(5/23/1844-2/6/1927)   (married Sarah Sophronia Snow)
(1/2/1846-2/6/1933)   (married John Sneddon Barnard)
(4/6/1848-7/30/1912)   (married Charles William Seegmiller)
(8/4/1849-6/2/1922)   (married Sophia Elizabeth Harrison)

Charles & Minnie's Family:
    Charles William Seegmiller
    Marianne "Minnie" Forsyth Seegmiller1  
        Charles William Seegmiller, Jr.
        Helaman Seegmiller
        Edwin Dee Seegmiller
        Frank Seegmiller
        Donald Seegmiller
        Julia Isabella Seegmiller
        Anna Eve Seegmiller
        Florence Bell Seegmiller
        Minnie N. Seegmiller
        Leila Fern Seegmiller
        Daniel Adam Seegmiller
        Marcia Janette Seegmiller

(1/2/1843-5/4/1946)   (married 2/1/1868)
(5/1/1868-10/6/1946)   (married Mary Eliza Whitehead)
(1/7/1871-11/29/1939)   (married Mary Ann Platt)
(10/5/1872-2/16/1965)   (married Eleanor Woodbury Jarvis)
(9/28/1874-12/17/1942)   (married Sybil Charlotte Gustavson)
(3/12/1877-12/26/1927)   (married Byron Donalvin Roundy)
(2/13/1879-1/9/1970)   (married Charles Comfort Starr)
(11/27/1883-12/19/1961)   (married Daniel Evans Ahlstrom)
(12/14/1885-7/8/1972)   (married Roscoe Seegmiller Musser)
(12/12/1887-3/25/1966)   (married Julie Hazel Adams)
(11/12/1892-5/26/1931)   (married Raymond James Smith)

1 There are a number of variations in the spelling of Marianne's name
  including Marianne, Marianme, and Mariamne.
    She mostly went by the nickname, Minnie.
    Her LDS membership record has Marianne Forsyth
    and her gravestone has Mariamne F. Seegmiller.
    A number of other spellings are probably just erroneous.


WCHS Photos:
WCHS-02287     Photo of Charles William Seemiller, Sr.
WCHS-02288     Photo of the Charles William & Minnie Forsyth Seegmiller Family (Part 1)
WCHS-02289     Photo of the Charles William & Minnie Forsyth Seegmiller Family (Part 2)
WCHS-02291     Photo of Mariamne Forsyth
WCHS-02292     Photo of Mariamne Forsyth Seegmiller & Family
WCHS-02293     Photo of Mariamne "Minnie" Forsyth Seegmiller


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