John H. Bowler



(farmer, rancher)




John's Parents and Siblings:
    James Samuel Page Bowler
    Matilda Hill Bowler
        Harry Hill Bowler
        James Samuel Bowler II
        Ann Elizabeth Bowler

        John Henry Bowler
        Kate Bowler
        Mary Ann Bowler
        Florence Matilda Bowler
        Walter Wallace Bowler
        Francis Joseph Bowler
        George Hebron Bowler
        Frederick Bowler
        Henry Bowler

(9/4/1845-12/16/1932)   (married 12/3/1865)
(4/1/1865-11/12/1952)   (married Hattie Jane Canfield)
(2/16/1868-10/3/1956)   (married John David Pulsipher
    and Nephi Johnson Jr.)
(12/23/1869-12/9/1950)   (married Lucina Almina Truman)
(5/2/1972-11/17/1933)   (married Charles Zera Pulsipher)
(8/31/1873-3/13/1921)   (married Josiah Leavitt)
(3/17/1875-4/25/1965)   (married Albert Henry Truman)
(11/15/1876-12/29/1972)   (married Mary Ann Hunt)
(2/27/1879-11/21/1968)   (married Anna Parthenia Holt)
(1/15/1881-5/7/1962)   (married Nancy Elizabeth Holt)

Lasina's Parents and Siblings:
    Jacob Mica TrumanJ
    Elizabeth Boyce Truman
        Martha Ann Truman
        John Franklin Truman
        Emma Maria Truman
        Jacob Boyce Truman
        George Almus Truman
        William Thomas Truman
        Lucius Truman
        Lucy Elizabeth Truman

        Albert Henry Truman
        Mary Lois Truman

        Lusina Almena Truman
        Esther Priscilla Truman

(8/30/1825-11/26/1881)   (married 4/18/1849)
(5/2/1850-2/26/1892)   (married Nathaniel Ashby Jr. and John Powell)
(11/5/1852-9/6/1921)   (married Franklin Overton Holt)
(3/2/1857-3/23/1919)   (married Emma Leavitt)
(12/20/1858-8/11/1947)   (married Mary Jane Hunt)
(10/8/1864-5/21/1905)   (married Joseph Smith Leavitt
    and Joseph Smith Huntsman)
(10/20/1867-4/1/1939)   (married Florence Matilda Bowler)
(3/26/1871-8/17/1959)   (married James Alfred Hunt
    and James Edward Jones)
(9/11/1873-8/13/1959)   (married John Henry Bowler)
(1/5/1876-7/24/1936)   (married Jonathan Reed Hunt and John Ivins Pace)

John & Lasina's Family:
    John Henry Bowler
    Lucina Almina Truman Bowler  
        George Henry Bowler
        Mary Elizabeth Bowler
        Ellen Matilda Bowler
        Milton Albert Bowler
        Jacob Samuel Bowler
        John Franklin Bowler
        Richard Truman Bowler
        Lottie Bowler

        Willard Lewis Bowler
        Metta Bowler

(12/23/1869-12/9/1950)   (married 4/17/1893)
(9/11/1873-8/13/1959)   aka "Lasina"
(8/5/1893-12/26/1977)   (married Lula Lenore Wilson)
(2/17/1896-3/5/1986)   (married Earl Wilbur Hiatt and Marcellus Bracken)
(12/14/1898-7/29/1980)   (married Blanche Holt)
(7/3/1904-9/6/1992)   (married Ella Jane Hunt and Helen Chadburn)
(10/2/1907-7/11/1993)   (married Howard Melvin Leavitt
    and Albert August Ulrich)
(1/20/1911-12/18/1967)   (married Mildred Bunker)
(1/30/1914-7/21/2002)   (married Marvin J. Chadburn)


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