Jacob Mica Truman





Jacob Mica Truman was born in Niagra Falls NY on August 30, 1825.

Catherine Maxwell was born in Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland, on April 27, 1829.

Elizabeth Boyce was born at Laharp, Michigan on April 19, 1831.

Jacob died in Hamblin on November 23, 1881 and was buried on November 26 in the Hamblin Cemetery.

Elizabeth died in Gunlock on November 6, 1919 and was buried in the Hamblin Cemetery.

Catherine died in Huntington, Emery County, Utah on December 28, 1922 and was buried
in Plot C-32_8 of the Huntington City Cemetery.


Jacob's Parents and Siblings:
    John Franklin Truman
    Martha Spencer Truman
        Annie Marie Truman
        Adeliza Lauretta Truman

        Rhoda Sarah Truman
        Jacob Mica Truman
        Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx

(1/28/1789-12/29/1839)   (married xx/xx/~1810)
(11/8/1811-3/10/1891/1891)   (married James Barnum)
(1/6/1814-4/1/1890)   (married Henry Verveleen Barnum,
    Asahel Plumb Murray, Charles Shumway,
    George Vaughn Thompson, Joseph F. Palmer)
(6/10/1820-1/10/1894)   (married Stephen F. Hicks)
(8/30/1825-11/26/1881)   (married as shown below)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)

Elizabeth's Parents and Siblings:
    George Boyce
    Ann Geldard Boyce
        Thomas Boyce
        Mary Ann Boyce
        William Boyce
        Elizabeth Boyce
        Henry Boyce
        Margaret Ann Boyce

(11/28/1794-8/1/1874)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(9/23/1824-9/11/1887)   (married Phoebe Spiers and Elizabeth Maxwell)
(4/19/1831-11/6/1919)   (married Jacob Mica Truman)
(6/12/1837-12/14/1871)   (married Susan Lavina Wimmer
    and Mary Emeline Kenner)
(4/12/1840-10/1/1901)   (married Milo Andrus)

Catherine's Parents and Siblings:
    Ralph Maxwell
    Elizabeth Donnelly Maxwell
        Arthur Maxwell
        Catherine Maxwell
        Elizabeth "Betsy" Maxwell
        John Maxwell
        Ralph Maxwell
        George Maxwell
        Ann Maxwell

(12/25/1794-xx/xx/1853)   (married 7/13/1823)
(4/22/1824-10/19/1871)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(4/15/1829-12/28/1922)   (married Jacob Mica Truman)
(1/7/1832-1/25/1897)   (married William Boyce)
(7/1/1834-8/20/1911)   (married Ellen Russell)
(4/30/1837-5/6/1901)   (married Isabella Berry McGavin)
(xx/xx/xxxx-4/5/1872)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)

Julia's Parents and Siblings:
    Charles Henry Hales
    Julia Ann Lockwood Hales
        Eliza Ann Hales
        Julia Adena Hales

        George Gillette Hales

        Mary Isagelle Hales
        Charles Henry Hales
        Joseph Lockwood Hales
        John Taylor Hales
        Stephen F. Hales
        Mariah Josephine Hales
        Harriet Elizabeth Hales

(6/17/1817-7/1/1889)   (married xx/xx/1839)
(11/27/1840-1/4/1899)   (married George Ogilvie)
(7/17/1842-11/2/1919)   (married John Williams Berry,
    Jacob Mica Truman, and James Robert Rickards)
(3/19/1844-1/31/1907)   (married Mariah Henrietta Gay
    and Tryphena Bradford)
(6/4/1846-4/2/1866)   (married Robert Madison Berry)
(9/17/1848-4/7/1907)   (married Jemima Ann Adair)
(1/16/1851-4/30/1923)   (married Mary Jane Berry)
(2/15/1853-6/27/1926)   (married Barbara Elizabeth Furlong)
(9/19/1855-1/14/1900)   (married Hilma Caroline Johnson)
(10/3/1859-2/15/1940)   (married Anders Jensen)
(6/20/1863-6/25/1945)   (married Andrew V. Nelson)

First Wife and Children:
    Elizabeth Boyce Truman
        Martha Ann Truman
        John Franklin Truman
        Emma Maria Truman
        Jacob Boyce Truman
        George Almus Truman
        William Thomas Truman
        Lucius Truman
        Lucy Elizabeth Truman

        Albert Henry Truman
        Mary Lois Truman

        Lusina Almena Truman
        Esther Priscilla Truman

(4/19/1831-11/6/1919)   (married 4/18/1849)
(5/2/1850-2/26/1892)   (married Nathaniel Ashby Jr. and John Powell)
(11/5/1852-9/6/1921)   (married Franklin Overton Holt)
(3/2/1857-3/23/1919)   (married Emma Leavitt)
(12/20/1858-8/11/1947)   (married Mary Jane Hunt)
(10/8/1864-5/21/1905)   (married Joseph Smith Leavitt
    and Joseph Smith Huntsman)
(10/20/1867-4/1/1939)   (married Florence Matilda Bowler)
(3/26/1871-8/17/1959)   (married James Alfred Hunt
    and James Edward Jones)
(9/11/1873-8/13/1959)   (married John Henry Bowler)
(1/5/1876-7/24/1936)   (married Jonathan Reed Hunt and John Ivins Pace)

Second Wife and Children:
    Catherine Maxwell Truman
        Ralph Maxwell Truman
        Rhoda Maria Truman
        Lauretta Catherine Truman
        Elizabeth Ann Truman
        Mica Spencer Truman
        Ellen Sophia Truman
        Arthur Monroe Truman

(4/27/1829-12/28/1922)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(5/4/1859-7/21/1907)   (married Amos Pratt Hunt)
(8/4/1861-3/6/1933)   (married William Baird Mattie)
(10/19/1865-3/19/1947)   (married Julia Euzell Crandall)
(2/18/1868-3/8/1956)   (married John Park Brockbank)
(12/12/1870-3/9/1925)   (married Helen Eugenia Killpack)

Third Wife and Children:
    Julia Ardena Hales Truman

(7/17/1842-11/2/1919)   (married 6/14/1857)




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