Hyrum Ellis Jones was born in Beaver Dam, Utah Territory, on October 11, 1867.

Mary Louis Truman was born in Washington County on March 26, 1871.

Nancy Jane Hunt was born in Hebron on May 26, 1877.

Nancy died in Gunlock on June 12, 1906 and was buried in the Gunlock Cemetery.

Mary died in St. George on August 17, 1959 and was buried in the Gunlock Cemetery.

Hyrum died in St. George on November 2, 1959 and was buried in the Gunlock Cemetery.


Hyrum's Parents and Siblings:
    William Ellis Jones
    Martha Vaughan Jones
        William Vaughan Jones
        Mary Amelia Jones
        Hyrum Ellis Jones
        Edwin Samuel Jones
        Dinah Ann Jones
        James Edward Jones

(4/6/1817-8/26/1898)   (married 6/xx/1859)
(10/11/1867-11/2/1959)   (married as shown below)
(10/26/1870-4/25/1938)   (married Ella Maria Canfield)
(3/18/1873-1/31/1895)   (married Arthur Leo Westover)
(11/15/1875-3/5/1950)   (married Mary Lois Truman)

Nancy's Parents and Siblings:
    James Wilson Hunt
    Elizabeth Vaughan Hunt
        James Alfred Hunt
        Alice Evaline Hunt
        William Edward Hunt
        Nancy Jane Hunt
        Dinah Ann Hunt
        Martha Angeline Hunt

(7/24/1843-8/11/1885)   (married 3/23/1865)
(2/15/1868-3/25/1927)   (married Mary Lois Truman)
(10/16/1870-10/3/1936)   (married Henry Davis Holt)
(5/26/1877-6/12/1906)   (married Hyrum Ellis Jones)
(1/9/1880-5/7/1965)   (married Robert Henry Chadburn)
(11/9/1882-4/3/1904)   (married John Lewis Chadburn)

Mary's Parents and Siblings:
    Jacob Mica Truman
    Elizabeth Boyce Truman
        Martha Ann Truman
        John Franklin Truman
        Emma Maria Truman
        Jacob Boyce Truman
        George Almus Truman
        William Thomas Truman  
        Lucius Truman
        Lucy Elizabeth Truman

        Albert Henry Truman
        Mary Lois Truman
        Lucina Almina Truman
        Esther Priscilla Truman

(8/30/1825-11/23/1881)   (married 4/18/1849)
(5/2/1850-2/26/1892)   (married Nathaniel Ashby and John Powell)
(11/5/1852-9/6/1921)   (married Franklin Overton Holt)
(3/2/1857-3/23/1919)   (married Emma Leavitt Truman)
(12/20/1858-8/11/1947)   (married Mary Jane Hunt)
(10/8/1864-5/21/1905)   (married Joseph Smith Leavitt
    and Joseph Smith Huntsman)
(xx/xx/1867-4/1/1939)   (married Florence Matilda Bowler)
(3/26/1871-8/17/1959)   (married James Alfred Hunt and James Edward Jones)
(9/11/1873-8/13/1959)   (married John Henry Bowler)
(1/5/1876-7/24/1936)   (married John Ivins Pace and Jonathan Reed Hunt)

First Wife and Children:
    Nancy Jane Hunt Jones
        Ellis Wilson Jones
        Clarence Amos Jones
        William Vaughan Jones
        Alvin Alfred Jones
        Joseph Allan Jones

(5/26/1877-6/12/1906)   (married 11/29/1893)
(8/29/1894-8/27/1971)   (married Eva Cottam)
(4/16/1897-10/14/1983)   (married Madaline Empey)
(1/7/1900-11/13/1970)   (married Isabelle Leavitt)
(11/19/1902-2/23/1992)   (married Thelma Burgess)

Second Wife and Children:
    Mary Lois Truman Jones
        Jacob Mica Jones
        Mae Velma Jones

(3/26/1871-8/17/1959)   (married 8/17/1907)
(7/11/1908-11/24/1993)   (married Clarissa May Hunt)
(9/28/1912-11/23/1958)   (married Melvin Augustus Farnsworth)


WCHS photos:
WCHS-03813   Drawing of Nancy Jane Hunt Jones


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