Harry H. Bowler





Harry Hill Bowler was born in Leicester, Leicestershire, England on April 1, 1865.

Hattie Jane Canfield was born in Grafton on January 15, 1882.

Harry married Hattie in St. George on January 17, 1902.

Hattie died in St. George on August 10, 1945 and was buried in the Gunlock Cemetery.

Harry died in St. George on November 12, 1952 and was buried in the Gunlock Cemetery.


Harry's Parents and Siblings:
    James Samuel Page Bowler
    Matilda Hill Bowler
        Harry Hill Bowler
        James Samuel Bowler II
        Ann Elizabeth Bowler

        John Henry Bowler
        Kate Bowler
        Mary Ann Bowler
        Florence Matilda Bowler
        Walter Wallace Bowler
        Francis Joseph Bowler
        George Hebron Bowler
        Frederick Bowler
        Henry Bowler

(9/4/1845-12/16/1932)   (married 12/3/1865)
(4/1/1865-11/12/1952)   (married Hattie Jane Canfield)
(2/16/1868-10/3/1956)   (married John David Pulsipher
    and Nephi Johnson Jr.)
(12/23/1869-12/9/1950)   (married Lucina Almina Truman)
(5/2/1972-11/17/1933)   (married Charles Zera Pulsipher)
(8/31/1873-3/13/1921)   (married Josiah Leavitt)
(3/17/1875-4/25/1965)   (married Albert Henry Truman)
(11/15/1876-12/29/1972)   (married Mary Ann Hunt)
(2/27/1879-11/21/1968)   (married Anna Parthenia Holt)
(1/15/1881-5/7/1962)   (married Nancy Elizabeth Holt)

Hattie's Parents and Siblings:
    Moroni Canfield
    Sarah Evaline Westover Canfield  
        Sarah Elizabeth Canfield
        Lucy Ann Canfield
        Ella Miria Canfield
        Clara Evelyn Canfield

        Hattie Jane Canfield
        Edwin Moroni Canfield
        Irene Canfield
        Edna Canfield
        David Moroni Canfield

(2/5/1848-6/28/1893)   (married 12/12/1870)
(11/12/1872-11/7/1930)   (married Hubert Arthur Leavitt)
(6/16/1877-7/26/1961)   (married Edwin Samuel Jones)
(9/27/1979-1/2/1954)   (married Orson Elling Thurston
    and Abram Nelson Woodbury)
(1/15/1882-8/10/1945)   (married Harry Hill Bowler)
(7/16/1886-9/30/1973)   (married Joseph Clayton Mitchell)
(8/24/1889-11/4/1964)   (married William Henry Jones)
(12/4/1891-7/28/1874)   (married Almira Vilate Burgess)

Harry & Hattie's Family:
    Harry Hill Bowler
    Hattie Jane Canfield Bowler
        Evaline Matilda Bowler
        Golda Luella Bowler
        Harry Lamond Bowler

        James Moroni Bowler
        Irene Bowler
        Laura Hill Bowler

(4/1/1865-11/12/1952)   (married 1/7/1902)
(1/10/1905-1/1/1981)   (married William Carter)
(12/14/1907-7/23/1989)   (married Harriet Elizabeth Barnum
    and Mary Deon Hawkes)
(3/11/1911-4/17/1999)   (married Rayma Abbott and Eva Anderson)
(11/21/1915-6/19/2004)   (married Lemuel Smith Leavitt,
    John Enon Clark, and Robert Brooks Steele)




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