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St. George, Utah


President    Dr. R. Wayne Pace,   (435)688-8114,
Past PresidentVacant
President Elect    TBD
SecretaryTravis Black
TreasurerArt Partridge
WebmasterGeorge Cannon,

CommuncationsKirk Bitton
Community Involvement    David Peterson
Member ServicesTBD
Pioneer HistoryKelly Parker
Treks and MarkersGary Miller


3/18/2020Chapter Meeting
4/9/2020Trek to the Dixie Applied Technology College (DixieTech)
5/20/2020Chapter Meeting
8/19/2020Chapter Meeting
9/16/2020Chapter Meeting
10/??/2020Historical Trek
11/18/2020     Holiday Chapter Meeting


2019-2020       Old Pioneer Courthouse


On 3 March 2008, a resolution was presented to the Cotton Mission Chapter of the SUP to organize a new
chapter in the St. George, Utah, area. The proposed title was The Dixie Sugar Loaf Chapter. The new Dixie
Sugar Loaf Chapter would consist of new members residing in the City of St. George, including the subdivisions
of Bloomington, Bloomington Hills, Little Valley, the Knolls, SunRiver, Dixie Downs, and possibly Santa Clara and
Ivins. Current members of the Cotton Mission Chapter could continue in that chapter or individuals who live in the
areas indicated could transfer membership to the new chapter. Student essay and scholarship awards could be
distributed between the two chapters—Dixie Sugar Loaf and Cotton Mission—and relieve financial pressures,
creating more equity among the chapters.

R. Wayne Pace was assigned by the Cotton Mission Chapter on January 4, 2010 to chair activities to organize
the Dixie Sugar Loaf Chapter. In meetings with Stake Presidents and the Regional Representative for this area,
it was decided that the name Dixie Encampment Chapter would be more appropriate than the Dixie Sugar Loaf
Chapter and so that name change was accepted. The new chapter was organized during 2010 and activated at
the beginning of 2011, so as to avoid conflict with preparations for and conduct of the national convention to be
held in St. George in 2010. For details of what went on during that 2010-2011 period, click here.

Past Presidents:
2011Paul Linford
2012Ron Whitney
2013-2014Bill Silvester
2015Derek Rowley
2016Dale Bott
2017-2018      David Peterson
2019-2020Wayne Pace

Past Meetings:
1/19/2017       Chapter Orientation Meeting
5/18/2017Chapter Meeting
6/202017Chapter Meeting, Speakers: Merrill & Justin Osmond
10/12/2017Chapter Meeting
11/9/2017Chapter Meeting, Speakers: Anton & Marilyn Bringhurst
12/14/2017Chapter Meeting, Speaker: Sherrie Anderson
2/8/2018Chapter Meeting, Speaker: Richard "Dick" Kohler
10/23/2019 Chapter Meeting, Initial Meeting of the Reorganized Chapter
11/20/2019 Chapter Meeting, Speaker & Music: Sevy Brothers
1/15/2020Chapter Meeting, Speaker: Steve Bennion
2/19/2020Chapter Meeting, Speaker: Stanley Esplin

Past Treks
1/20/2018       Sites just north of St. George (with the WCHS)

Past Projects
2013-2016       Sandstone Quarry Trail
2018 World War I Veterans Project - Final Report
  "   Washington County WWI Veterans' Grave Sites
  "   World War I Commemoration Event, 5/18/2018
  "   World War I Veterans Centennial Commemoration, 9/29/2018
2019 Historic Sites Project




What the Dixie Encampment Chapter Does!

By-Laws of the Dixie Encampment Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers

Board of Directors of the Dixie Encampment Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers

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